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My doctor has reincorporated my Vicodins into my medication line up to control my pain along with Klonopins for anxiety and sleep. I also take a couple other meds for nerve pain and osteoarthritis in my spine. The mixture is working awesome, but I am finding I need to take the Max amount of Vicodins that the Doctor prescribed and I am worried about it because my doc was a bit of a Nazi about giving them to me.

If anyone has seen any of my previous posts, my Rheumatologist had taken away my Vicodins before when it was the first time she had prescribed them to me and I had not gone through more than 2 scripts of 90, 5/500 in almost 6 months. They really freaked out on me when I wanted a refill after 4.5 months and I told them I wasn't even out. They had just advised me to fax in all of my refills early because their office was busy because the doctor just had surgery herself. The medical assistant was rude to me at that point and told me that my doctor wasn't a pain management doctor and that if I was looking for one that I should...

I had previously asked my doctor if I should be referred back to Pain Management and she said no. I am beginning to get really confused because I am really starting to feel better. I am almost thinking I could use a little more and I'd be at peak performance. Perhaps 3, 7.5, Vicodins per day.

I am seeing a brand new Primary Physician in about a week who has come recommended to me with very high marks. He has experience with hard cases, bio-hormonal issues, thyroid issues, and I am sure he will be open minded with degenerative conditions and Fibromyalgia. I am hoping he will help me to find some really good second opinions. Last month I saw an Endocrinologist who was convinced my problems were Rheumatically based and that I definitely needed to seek a second opinion. I hope this new PCP doctor is a good fit for me. I have a positive ANA (which I found out by accident), and a RA factor.

Through all of this my thoughts are that perhaps narcotics need to be in the mix for me if they help me to function better? I can always wean off or down if I am uncomfortable. I don't know why there is such a stigma for doctors and even myself when it comes to narcotics, but I am dependent on all of my other medications. This one is no different. It's actually less dangerous than the Klonopin I am learning! I am not sure why it was so much easier to get a RX for that??? Being medicated is a choice- a helping hand for those who want it.  
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Hi Dusty,

I do remember your previous posts and the fact that our state does not have PMP that prescribe narcotics nor "follow" chronic pain patients.

You've asked a good question. Clonazepam is an addictive drug and when mixed with narcotics can heighten the addictive properties. That said I have been on diazepam for about 3 years. I take about 80-90 tablets a year. I could actually benefit from it more often but refuse to take them unless I am in an extreme flare and absolutely desperate for spasm releif. Be very, very cautious using the narcotic and clonazepam. The two together can be disastrous.

I hear you when you say that more medication could put you at "peak performance". However it is my understanding that those of us with Chronic Pain will never be pain free. Pain managment means managing the pain and it is unrealistic believe that we can be pain free. Three 7.5 mg's of hydrocodone is certainly not over the top. Just remember that tolerance and deterioration may be a factor in coming months or years so in my opinion it is better to tolerate some pain than to go up too quickly. Again this is only my opinion and may very well differ from others.

What I have found is that a "few" extra prescribed over my normal daily dose comes in handy for a flare or a few "bad" days a month. It keeps me from taking a higher daily dose. My physician understands this and does allow for extra in my prescription. You might want to consider that route.

Just my thoughts!

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