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New patient at Pain Clinic

Long story short, I've got diabetic neuropathy.  All the garden variety pins and needles in the extremites, as well as, all over my body.  This went on for a year and I suffered through that.  Then suddenly developed severe deep pain in my quads, lower back and and shins.  Lost sense of balance, ability to walk and had several falls.  One fall has probably caused an MCL or torn meniscus.  Basically walking with a cane or walker now.

Finally broke down and visited the walkin clinic 6months back.  Not surprisingly, as an uncontrolled diabetic for too long, blood sugar and BP were off the charts.  Found a good PCD there and good news in this, have sugars and BP under control.  Recent A1C=6.0, with only oral meds, no insulin.

In addution to meds for diabetes, PCD prescribed Neurontin 300x3/day and Lortab 7.5/500 x4/day for the pain.  The Neurontin turned out to be a miracle for me, cleaning up 90% for the garden variety stuff.  BUT 0% effect on the deep muscle pain primarily in my legs (right worse than left).

Referred to a Neurologist.  4 months, 5 visits, $2000 worth of MRIs on my lower, middle, upper spine and a brain scan - NOTHING, perfectly heathly spine.  He was baffled, referred me to another neurologist, a specialist in muscular neurology.  Meanwhile continuing the Lotab, actually bumping to 10/500 x4/day.  AND to a pain clinic - more on that.  

I saw the new neurologist, he performed EMG and nerve conduction test, which was negative.  Not what he was expecting.

My PCD referred me to the local hospital's spine and pain clinic.  Got an appointment, no problem.  They had gotten a report from just the 1st neurologist.  Nurse practioner came into the examining room and the 1st words out of  her mouth was "we are not accepting new patients".  She did have a full discussion with me.  I asked if I could see the neurologist's report (mainly because I never got anything written up about my MRIs).  She saud I'd have to get that from him.  An hour later, she comes in w/the doctor.  Again, "we are not accepting new patients".  We talked about how bad the short-acting narcotics were, agreeing w/me that 40mg/day for 5 month wouldn't have gotten me addicted yet.  He suggested that I up the Neurontin to 1800mg/day, which I have which helps a bit, but not with the deep muscle pains.  He also said he's followup with a report to my PCD, whiich never happened.

I was at first frustrated having spent a whole morning there, then by the time I was hobbling out to my car, I realized that something was not on the up&up.

I discussed this with the new neurologist, my PCD's nurse and with the PCD and all agreed that something was odd.  Meanwhile my wife called the clinic and got an appointment as a new patient.  The clinic is listed w/my insurance as acceptinig new patients.

1ST QUESTION: did I get blackballed or something?  Probably by the neuroloist?  Interestingly, I called the neurologist after this (I was down to a day's worth of lortab), he wrote a script for another 45, but that was the last one.  My PCD then wrote a script for a month's worth, but that was to hold me over until I get a new clinic.

Honest truth is, I've been 100% conscientious (sp?) in my use of the Lortab.  Fact is, I am rationing my pain against the 40mgs single everyday.  For kicks, I've experimented with NOT taking the Lortab.  I got to about 18hrs and was in misery, so figured why (what with a prescription sitting there)?  Fact is, some days and nights I am crying out in pain.  I take/need the 4 lortab every day, never more/never less.

2ND QUESTION: I'm scheduled to visit another clinic next week.  They sent a full packet for info, including all doctors info, permission to contact, etc...  Of course, I listed the PCD, both neurologists and a physical therapist (which of course, didn't help).  I didn't mention the 1st clinic, after all, 'they weren't accepting new patients".  Not sure if I was black balled in the first place, but am worried what happens next week.

3RD QUESTION: within the long patient history that I'm filling out and bringing next week, there is a question about Illegal Drug Use.  My drug use for the most part was marijuana back in the 70's and 80's.  Been a business professional for over 30 years.  Had smoked very, very occasionally since then (once or twice/year).  As bad luck would have it, I got about 5 joints 3 weeks ago for my birthday.  Hell, it's been a miserable year and I deserved it.  Actually it also helped a bit.

Anyway, there is a chance a trace would show up in a urine test.

SHOULD I answer the question honestly, including the 5 joints a month back?  If I did would that somehow make my visit a NO-GO?  If I answered NO, and it showed up, I guess that looks worse.  Is honesty the best policy or no???

OK, apologies for the long post, BUT this is critical!!!  As I said, I'm in serious pain.  the 40mg's per day take the edge ooff, but is not enough.  If 18hrs w/out the Lortab was misery, after a few days I'm probably lookinig for a tall building to jump from.

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MY thought is honestly is the best policy I dont think I would fill it in on the paper but I would discussed it with the dr and tell him just as you said it on here tell him that it actually helped a little but explain that it is not an ongoing thing and if you were required to take a drug test you would be willing and would be clean from here on out.  I NEVER think anyone should lie, like you said if he drug tested you and it can up positive then there would be NO WAY he would except you as a patient..... BTW who get 5 joints for their bday.  I DON'T HAHAHA
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