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Opana not showing up in urine test
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Opana not showing up in urine test

I have been on opana for over two years and am currently taking opana er 30 3x day to control back and neck pain.

I was given a urine test last month which came back negative for opana.  I was given a re-test last week and was told it was also negative for opana.  I have been using this doctor for ten years and this was the first time I have been tested.  His nurse stated it was a new state requirement that opana patients be tested to ensure they are using the drugs.

My doctor stated he would have it tested at the lab as office tests were known to be inaccurate.

I take every dose of my medicine.  I might be off by an hour or so due to not being at home when it was due but I then take it as soon as I return home.

I do not understand why the tests would show I did not have the medicine in my system since I am taking it.  Also it makes a large difference in my pain levels when I take it.

I do not like taking medicine and I especially don't like the way pain medicine makes me feel.  So I take as low a dosage as I can that will give some help with the pain.

Without the opana my pain levels run 6-8.  With the opana er 30 my pain levels are at 3-4.  My doctor has stated on numerous visits I could increase the opana dosage level and decrease my pain level.  But if I increase the opana level it would increase the impact it has on my nervous system and I don't like that.

The opana er 30 keeps my pain at 3-4 while leaving my mind fairly clear.  Higher levels would cloud my mind and keep me sleepy so I will live with pain levels of 3-4 to keep the side effects of opana down.

Can anybody explain why the opana is not showing up in my urine sample when I am taking it three times a day?  

I am concerned that I will be denied this medication.  I can handle level 3-4 pain but I can not handle level 6-8 pain on a daily basis.

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Hi and welcome to the pain management community.

I also take Opana ER (30 mg 2x a day) but I haven't been drug tested yet.  I was drug tested initially before starting therapy with my new doctor to make sure I didn't have illicit drugs in my system.

I know how effective the Opana ER is for pain.  It has given me the best pain relief since the chronic pain began 12 years ago.  I also take percocet for breakthrough pain.

I do not know why the Opana ER (drug name is oxymorphone) didn't show up on your urine test but it sounds like your doctor is doing all that he can to ensure that you eventually pass your test.  Most doctors immediately boot patients out the door when the first urine test comes back negative but your doctor is different...very understanding and compassionate.  

I would ask if he could also do a blood test...those are the most accurate tests available for checking opioid levels in the blood.  

The oxymorphone has a relatively long half life 13-14 hours so it should be in your system it just may be that the urine test is highly inaccurate, which happens A LOT to many chronic pain patients all the time so know that you are not alone.

Everyone is different in how we process and metabolize medications.  It sounds like you have a great physician on your side that is willing to retest until the right test shows the oxymorphone levels in your blood.  Don't panic and fear that you will be dismissed.  Just continue to be a honest patient and comply with any and all future tests and most importantly ask for a blood test to check the oxymorphone levels.  Please keep us updated on how things turn out.  

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