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Percocet withdrawal
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Percocet withdrawal

Hello i need help im not addicted to my pain medicine but am dependent on it if i miss one dose my pain jumps to a 9 fast and if i miss 2 doses then it becomes unbearable i start shaking want to throw up and so on i really need help i tried to call my doctor in texas after moving to Manassas VA. to get at-least lortab or vicoden but he says now that i moved he cant take care of me anymore and no one seems to care. If i live or Die here { seems they want me to Die.} they act like im a druggy and nothing more as if im doing heroin in the street. My husband takes care of me i take care of the home he's a pilot in germany i stayed here he comes to visit me and i go there. But i feel and know that i wont be able to even look nice for him when he comes home. ill be back sick in my bed which he almost divorced me over until the doctors agreed that steroids and the like will kill me due to being allergic i really dont know what to do.
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I am so sorry you are going through such a hard time.  I wish I could offer advice which would help.  I do not know enough about your situation other than to suggest you find a new doctor who you can establish trust with and to tell you, you are not alone.

I care if you live or die!  Many of use have these feelings from time to time. Hang in there and please post back.  I live in constant pain also but live alone. I have tried to get my cat to take care of me with no luck ;)  It sounds like you are alone a lot which I know can be very trying for me.  It can be so hard to be alone, in pain and in my case awake while the world sleeps.  Please remember you are not alone.

Take care

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Hello Dear,

I went through something simular recently and can relate to what you're going through. This might take some time but you need to retreve your Medical Records showing that you require pain meds. Also, it may be possible to have your old Doctor call the current Doctor and discuss your history.

I also care if you Live or Die.......please call your old Doc and see what he can do by calling the new one you've selected.

Please take care,
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Hi, I have experienced years of chronic pain, addiction, substance abuse treatment, marrying an addict who relapsed, divorcing an addict...and so on. I have wanted to die on more occasions than I care to count. You should find a new doctor where you are. If nothing else, go to the nearest emergency room. They may be able to temporarily treat your pain and give you referrals to other doctors and such. Also, most hospitals have social workers who are very skilled at dealing with patients suffering from pain and opioid dependence (addict or not).

I now work at a mental and behavioral health center; mostly with detox patients. (most coming off of opiates and alcohol) It does get better.


I hope you find the help you's out there...just takes some work sometimes...and like I always say: "If I have to *****, moan, complain and least I'm still alive and dammit...tomorrow will be a better day."
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I've been in your situation before - when I moved from Florida to Utah, I couldn't get into a doctor soon enough and even with 8 months of pain management records, the local ER gave me 1 days worth of 30% of my dose - for care over the next month while I waited to get into a local pain management doctor, I was referred to a methadone maintaince clinic for PAIN MANAGEMENT... All thanks to the failed war on drugs.

Try a local Urgent/Insta Care/Doc in a box or an ER and see if they'll prescribe oxycodone(percocet) or hydrocodone(vicodin, lortab) - if not, ask about tramadol - since it's not controlled, most docs don't have a problem prescribing it. Bring your records - and go during business hours so they can call your old doctor.

Finally, If the local ER won't help you, and you can't get into a doctor quickly - you could try to purchase Tramadol from an online source. Tramadol is an uncontrolled non-scheduled medication so you're not breaking the law AFAIK. I'm not sure of the rules here yet so I can't give you a source - but look around via Google. It may not do much for pain, but it will stop at least 90% of your withdrawal. Most places offer next day air but you'll pay 2x as much than if you ordered it from India and waited 15 to 25 days for shipping.

Good Luck.
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I'm afraid I must say I agree with ChadJ on a couple of ideas, but disagree on one very important one.  I agree about going to an ER/urgent care place if you can't get into a "regular" doctor and about bringing your records and going during normal business hours so if they have any questions/concerns, they can call your previous doctor.  You would probably have better luck at an ER of a local hospital than an urgent care place because a lot of the urgent care places are very hesitant to prescribe any type of narcotics.  An ER at a hospital is more well equipped to do whatever testing they feel necessary and to deal with your pain.

What I must disagree strongly with is about ChadJ suggesting you purchase Tramadol via the internet.  It is very dangerous to purchase ANY type of medication from any source other than a certified pharmacy.  You never know exactly what you might get and the possibility of getting something that you did not want/need are very high.  Also, although Tramadol is not a scheduled narcotic, it still IS a prescription medication, so therefore should most definitely ONLY be purchased through a reputable, certified pharmacy.

Another thing to always remember is that you should NEVER add, change, stop, alter - any medication that you take without talking to and getting approval and instructions from a physician.  Part of their job is to keep us safe and help protect our health and they have the training and knowledge to know what medications to try and prescribe.

I hope you get some relief from your pain soon and I also strongly urge you to avoid online purchases of any medications.
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