Plz Help!! SHARP pain in upper left rib cage when breathing/coughing.
by Tracy418, May 10, 2011
I had a very bad upper respitory infection for a couple of week, which included a horrible cough. I now have this very sharp pain in my upper rib cage on the left, towards the side. It hurts to breath, and when I cough or sneeze it's excrutiating. Any advise? Dr. gave me IBprophen 800 but it doesn't seem to be working.
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by Tuckamore, May 11, 2011
Hi Tracy,

Welcome to MedHelp's Pain Management Forum.

Following a URI it's not uncommon to develop secondary issues. When did you last consult your PCP? Your rib pain may be due to the coughing and inflammation/infection that goes with a URI. However one should also consider an inflammation of the cartilage of your ribs, pleurisy or similar conditions.

Chest pain is the most common symptom of pleurisy which is usually worse when taking a deep breath. Other symptoms include a cough, shortness of breath and sometimes fever. Laying on the side that is painful often eases some of the pain. Pleurisy is an inflammation of pleura sac within your chest cavity where your lungs are contained.

I have no idea if you have pleurisy or any of the mentioned conditions...but your PCP will be able to diagnosis you. I encourage you to consult him/her with at least a phone call and then set up an appointment.

Please let us know what you discover. I'll be interested to hear how you are doing.

Take Care,
by mkh9, May 12, 2011
hi Tracy,
Yes as Tuckamore said this is most likely a secondary infection, or possibly pleuracy. I have had it several times following the flu. You should see your GP and they can listen to your lungs and give you an antibiotic if you need one. Usually, you have a dry cough and low grade fever or sometimes just the sharp pain. A hot water bottle held against the area will ease the pain a bit. Sorry you have this. Best to check it out. I found the best way to prevent this is towards the end of a respiratory infection, to take a cough medicine that has instead of a cough suppressant something that makes you cough. Some of the cough medicines have this. You can ask the pharmacist. Also, steam in the shower or use vicks if you can find it these days, and a very hot bowl of water and a towel over your head, and breath in the steam. It will make you cough. You need to loosen up the cough. But first see a doctor. Take care,
by Zboy85, Jul 02, 2012
I have the same thing and am worried as well, I had bronchitis due to air conditioning in my car a few weeks ago and then I felt fine after I got off of my anti biotics which was a 5 day Z pack. Then after a week or so of feeling fine started feeling very sharp pain when coughing, sneezing, taking deep breaths, and having hiccups as well as laying down and sitting back up I though I might have a broken rib but I'm only 27 I shouldn't have osteoporosis. Or maybe sprained muscle in my rib cage so I have been taking baths for muscle relaxation and using a muscle and joint rub for two day but it's not helping. What can it be that's causeing this pain I feel fine not sick the only thing is that my ribs hurt like hell only on the left side mid to lower ribs? Anyone? I just pray to God it doesn't have anything to do with my spleen or worse? If anyone has any idea what these symptoms may tell please let me know thanks.