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Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome
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Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome

Has anyone had this problem?  If so, have you had a reversal surgery?  
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I've never heard of it (though I did have a tubal ligation done.)  What is it exactly?  How long have you had it?  What treatments do you do for it?  I'm sure someone with more knowledge will come on soon.  Sometimes it's busier here than others.  (But remember, everyone on here is just a chronic pain patient.  No doctors, so it's just our opinions and experiences that are related.  But there are many very knowledgeable people on this site and personally, I have found it a great resource and have had many, many questions answered.  And it's a good place to vent, too!)  So, welcome.  Hope you can provide a few more details; you may get more of a response that way.
PTLS comes with a very wide range of symptoms. These can be very mild, or they can be very severe, literally putting some women on their backs in pain for two days or more. The list of symptoms is as follows.

1. Eptopic pregnancy or pregnancy (well known risk of tubals)
1a.Hot flashes, flushes, night sweats and/or cold flashes, clammy feeling, chills
2. Bouts of rapid heart beat
3. Irritability
4. Mood swings, sudden tears
5. Trouble sleeping through the night (with or without night sweats)
6. Irregular periods; shorter, lighter periods; heavier periods, flooding; phantom periods, shorter cycles, longer cycles
7. Loss of libido
8. Dry vagina
8a.Itchy vagina-at times raw like, can radiate from whole area, with absence of yeast infections.
8b.Colour change in vaginal area. (colour gets darker – purple/black)
9. Crashing fatigue
10.Anxiety, feeling ill at ease
11.Feelings of dread, apprehension, doom
12.Difficulty concentrating, disorientation, mental confusion
13.Disturbing memory lapses
14.Incontinence, especially upon sneezing, laughing; urge incontinence
14a.Prolapse of uterus due to rapid decreases in estrogen levels.
15.Itchy, crawly skin
16.Aching, sore joints, muscles and tendons
17.Increased tension in muscles
18.Breast tenderness
18a. Decrease in breast mass
19.Headache change: increase or decrease
20.Gastrointestinal distress, indigestion, flatulence, gas pain, nausea
21.Sudden bouts of bloat
23.Exacerbation of existing conditions
24.Increase in allergies
25.Weight gain
26.Hair loss or thinning, head, pubic, or whole body; increase in facial hair
27.Dizziness, light-headedness, episodes of loss of balance
28.Changes in body odour
29.Electric “shock” or “stabbing” sensation under the skin.
30.Tingling in the extremities
31.Gum problems, increased bleeding
32.Burning tongue, burning roof of mouth, bad taste in mouth, change in breath odour
33.Osteoporosis (after several years)
34.Changes in fingernails: softer, crack or break easier.

I have many of these symptoms.  Especially the pelvic pain.  I was just in the ER two days ago with this horrible pain and the doctors could not determine the cause.  I have a feeling that it is from the Filshie Clips that were used for my tubal ligation.  
The only treatment that seems to be available is to have a reversal surgery. Since the reversal surgery would be for health reasons rather than fertility reasons, many insurance companies are willing to help cover the costs since it can become quite pricey.  

I had my tubal ligation in February 2010 because I had pre eclampsya with both of my pregnancies and a third could be fatal.  I have been having regular periods, however, the cramps are horrible and have put me to my knees each time, rolling around in my bed, nothing can help relieve it.  The bleeding is uncontrollable, and before I used to have my period for 2-4 days, now it's 10-14.  So half the month I am on my period, the other half I am having severe PMS, which actually I think it's PTLS.  

The thing is, I haven't had my period in 3 weeks.  I was due for it May 26 and nothing. I even thought I was pregnant because I became nauseous, dizzy, fatigued, breast tenderness, horrible pelvic pain, irritability, and many other symptoms.  

I've joined a Facebook group named Post Tubal Ligation Awareness and you would not believe the amounts of women going through this same situation, all after having a tubal ligation.  
Wow, you poor thing.  Did you hear about this PTLS from your doctor?  Are you thinking of a reversal?  I imagine if you got a reversal, then you're back at square one as far as preventing pregnancy.  (I got my tubal at 38 due to my last baby being high-risk and it was suggested strongly that I was done.  I probably would have had at least one more.)  I guess if you had it reversed, you could ask your husband to get a vasectomy??

Those symptoms really run the gamut!  And they sound awful.  I can relate to the long, painful periods.  It's how I've been my whole life.  (Though now coming into perimenopause on occasion I'll get a break of 12 weeks without one.  But then I go back to the every 2 weeks.  Mine has always been extremely heavy.

Do they give you anything for pain?  Does it help?  Have you tried those ThermaCare pads for period cramps?  I've used them for back pain, bad period cramps, and the hand ones for my hand, and I do find them somewhat beneficial.
That's a new one on me.  The symptoms sound more like what happens when ovaries are removed or otherwise affected by birth control hormones, fertility hormones, PCOS or endometriosis.  My uneducated laywoman's brain doesn't understand how a tubal ligation can cause these symptoms.  In any case, I wonder if completely removing the tubes rather than trying to reverse the ligation and saving the tubes would be a better surgical route?  I also wonder if scar tissue on the ovaries as a result of the original ligation surgery is the root cause of the symptoms.  Scar tissue doesn't show up on imaging studies which makes diagnosis and treatment that much more difficult.  What a misery!
I had my tubes tied in Jan of 2003 and have had nothing but trouble since. I have more painful periods and heavier bleeding and it lasts so long like 2 weeks. I got my tubes tied because I had pre cancer cells and alot of my cervix had to be cut out so I can't carry a baby past 20 weeks so If I was to get pregnant I would lose the baby so I had no choice.
I hope your able to get the surgery so you will feel better.
Post tubal ligation syndrome describes a variety of post tubal ligation side effects or symptoms. These include increased menstrual bleeding and cramps as well as other symptoms attributed to changes in hormone levels. One possible mechanism suggested as a cause of these symptoms is disruption of the normal blood between the fallopian tubes, ovaries, and uterus.these symptoms are more common among women who have had a tubal ligation than among women who have not had a tubal ligation.tubal pregnancy treatment might help this out
Do these symptoms happen immediately after a tubal ligation? I have had many of these symptoms and the drs cant figure it out. But I had mine done 13 years ago. About 2 yrs ago I started with migraines, and I had a balance test done that came back with an imbalance. I have had this sharp shooting pain every once in awhile for at least 10 YEARS when I would go from sitting to standing..always felt like someone was wringing out my tubes like laundry. I went through a period of menopause symptoms, even taking over the counter menopause medicine (which worked) - but the drs just kept insisting i was too young to go through it. Ive gained 70 pounds in 13 years (30 within the last 6 months). my thyroid and my vitamin d levels keep going back and forth from good to bad. Im tired, moody, was put on adderall (adderrall) cause I couldnt concentrate or stay awake - my theory is i toss and turn all night. All of these things seem to be easily explained with the PTLS..which ive never heard of until today.
I belong to a support group of women who have PTLS that is almost 700 strong.  We all normally see these symptoms come up right away, or within just a few months of having a tl. BUT, if you have been going through menopause like symptoms since you had yours done, it could very well have been PTLS.  The biggest problem with PTLS is that there have not been enough studies done about it for you to get a true answer if this was the case or not. I've been doing loads of research on PTLS because I had my tubes tied back in "07 and just found out about PTLS myself.  My symptoms are not so much related to pain, other than cramping, but I had my tubes tied at 22 years old and have had menopausal symptoms since. My doctors have treated me for depression, anxiety, and bi-polar dissorder. None of thier treatments have worked.  Of course, up until now, I had no idea that I should have been telling them the other smaller issues I had besides the mood swings.  The mood swings are worst for me.  I wish you the best of luck.  If you want to learn more about PTLS (non-medical information as not many studies have been done) check out and look at the links page for information, articles, and more.  Alsol, check out the help page to find some support groups if you want someone to share your experiences.
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