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Severe Can't Lift My Left Shoulder Upper Arm Pain
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Severe Can't Lift My Left Shoulder Upper Arm Pain

For the last seven or more days and its getting worse and it does not go away when I take meds
so if I lay on the left arm it's like torturous pain.  I had a joint replaced a few years ago and stil
to this day can't lay on it either ofr more than a couple of minutes...I took my meds for my spinal
stenosis of cervical and lumbar disk disease and joint diseas the joint disease was diagnosed early
after I had to replace the joint, and then the same joint other side a year later.  Now I am praying
to God that this is not a serious situation.  It's never good when this sort of level of pain stays and
gets worse.  Cant' get dressed for two hours until pain meds kick in, and my pain meds also are
no longer helpng me... I just had an appt. with m PM dr. and had five shots three in cerv, and two
in lumbar and the shoulder was bad...not as it is now though...
Ok just thought I'd put it out there looked up words like bursitus, and that the neck and shoulder could
be related but before not never had a problem with my shoulders or below nor had a problem raising
my arm can't do that toooooo screaming painful like crying painful....My other joint diagnosis came too
suddently not gradual just came and then never went away then major surgery...I swear it's autoimmune
am under 40 yrs old and ever disk in my spine is has tears, spurs, senovial fluid , so mamy names on
the mri I'd have to refer it.....Hard to write, but I am....Have to write...
Anybody with suggestions or maybe a similiar...I know I have to be properly seen and tested but am worried.
Thanks everbody,
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Hi Sara,

I hope you are having a better day. I have not faced the shoulder challenges you have but I can relate to your pain.

I am sorry that I do not have any good suggestions for you. Don't be afraid to get a second opinion. And if your pain is managed discuss this with your PMP. All of us deserve to be as comfortable as medically possible.

Best of luck to you and take care of yourself.
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