Severe pain in upper Left side of abdomen
by Barb925, Jan 24, 2008
I have recently have had severe pain in upper left side of abdomen. When I recently went to the hospital, the dr was looking for a kidney stone. When I spoke to the dr he feels that it is a flare up of my abdomen. If anyone has ever had this feeling, please contact me.

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by amberngriffinco, Feb 05, 2008
I have pain just under my last left rib. . it is intermittent.  So far, no diagnosis.. I have had many tests now . . my Gastro. Dr. says this is where your stomach is.  Kidney stone pain will be on a diagonal, on your sides.. I've 'dropped' 3 stones, I KNOW.   That pain will drop you in AGONIZING PAIN where you can't talk.

ASK for more testing, CT Scan, ABD scans.

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by Prince10400, Feb 07, 2008
i am going through this now. Intermittent sharp pain between left kidney and moving round to the front. Ben tested for infection(none) and kidney stones(negative)  no blockages in renal system. Doc says some kind of muscular problem and has given me anti-inflamatory pills. Seems to have very little effect. Often when I urinate the pain goes. Its  disturbing to say the least. If anyone has any thoughts - grateful to hear from them.
by Barb925, Feb 07, 2008
Thank You for your advice. I had Gastric Bypass Surgery 27 years ago. He said that where the pain is, is where my stomack is. He indicated that it is most likely scar tissue. If the pain persists he is going to do tests for a possible hernia. Right now the dr is having me take 75mg of Lyrica. I have noticed lately that the only time I have the pain is when I eat. One day at a time is my motto.