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Shoulder coming out of Joint feeling???
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Shoulder coming out of Joint feeling???

Has anyone ever had their shoulder feel like it's coming out of joint?  My right collar bone is plated and my right shoulder blade is broken, and it is my right shoulder that feels like it is coming out of the joint.  Feels like there is a ring all the way around my arm just about where your arm pit is, and it just hurts and i swear I can hear a click.  I believe that they would have known if my shoulder was broke.  i also get these little ripping feelings that are just on the front side of the shoulder and it runs up and down, always same place and it is about 1/16" wide and about 1 inch long and it just feels like a scratch on the inside,but just in that one little place.   any suggestions????

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Avatar m tn
Hi Lillian, you are still in the wars huh?
with the extent of the damage you did to yourself i'm sure the dr's looked you over really good, but anything's possible.
how long has it felt like this? when is your next physio appt? when was your most recent x-ray/mri/ct done?
how bad is it hurting?
I can't wait till you're all put back together.
sorry I can't fix it from here, hang in there!

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It is possible they missed something but not likely. My SIJ "snaps" and "pops" (sounds like a breakfast food commercial) and like it is going in and out of joint....and it is. But my knees do they same and they are not.

I suggest you bring it up your new symptoms on your next appointment. I have experienced many of the things that you are going through when I had my MVA. I think much of it was my body reacting and recovering from the extreme trauma that it endured when my little sports car was struck by a loaded dump truck.  It's early Lillian, it will take time. Just keep your PCP updated on your symptoms as they occur. Some will be nothing, others may be an indication of a problem. I was so badly injured they did miss some things. And when they frantically tried to put me back together they were most concerned with life saving procedures and weren't as detailed about structure and function. So just "watch" for symptoms and as I suggested just report them as they occur.
I'll watch for your updates. :)
Peace, Tuck
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thanks guys,  yup that was the case with me tuck, they were more worried about me bleeding to death and my pelvis and my spine.  they actually did miss 2 things, i had a broken bone in my right foot behind my big toe and the bone in my left hand behind my ring finger was broke but, by the time it was found out they were broke they were already on their way to being healed.  I know i still have a long road to hoe.  I am just getting tired of all these little aches and pains.  I just get to a point where I literally say, or scream - enough already, cripe, i think i suffered long enough, it isn't funny anymore and I just want to be normal.  I do have an appt with my docs coming up soon.  I have to many thing going on physically and mentally that I just cannot cope with on my own so, i made appts with everyone from my regular doc to my orthopedic surgeon on my shoulder and i am hoping they can put their heads together and come up with a way to fix me or help me fix myself.  I get discouraged really easily,  when I do everything they tell me to do, go to physical therapy and exercise at home and I feel like I get no where.  I take 1 step forward and 2 steps back.  maybe i am just in the angry faze right now or the confused faze.  oh well, roll with the punches i guess.

thanks again  - sometimes i just need someone to tell me, i believe you and i am sorry that happened to you and than I feel better.  til next time kids
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Your shoulder is the most complex joint in the human body. It seems that injuries to bone were addressed at the time of your injury but not injuries to the tissues. This is what I get from your post.

I have had seven shoulder surgeries since 2006 and after my MRI on this past Thursday it looks as if there is going to be a number eight.

You seem to have shoulder instability related to the glenohumeral joint. This happens when there is labral damage to your shoulder.

I suggest you see your Orthopedic Surgeon and he will have you lay down on the examination table and do a simple exam to check for laxity in the joint. If he or she finds that the joint is unstable you may have to have Arthroscopy to determine what is gonig and a surgical repair. You indicated that you have a plate in your shoulder. If it is metal you can not have an MRI thus the reason for the Arthroscopic procedure.

I hope you don't need anymore surgery because I know how bad it is. I am tired of it myself.

Let us know how you make out.
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