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Subutex ?
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Subutex ?

     I was wondering if anyone in this forum might be able to help me out with a couple questions I have regarding Subutex and Suboxone.

       1.  Can any doctor prescribe Subutex to any type of patient, male or female?
       2.  Any ideas on what you can do when you live in such a small state that you cannot find another Suboxone
           doctor.  I have been on Suboxone for around 10 months now and my doctor just quit practicing medicine
           and let her DEA certificate expire.  She gave myself and around 50 other patient's a 6 month refill on the Suboxone and a letter containing possible providers.  She didn't get us into anybody or anything and it turns out none of the places that treat patient's with Suboxone are taking new patient's or there is a couple that take patient's that only live in there town or some that will prescribe to you, but by the daily route.  In the state I live in I would have to drive over 300 miles everyday to get my one dose for the day.  I also do not live in a town that has a provider for Suboxone, so I basically have nobody to see.  Thanks!

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I'm sorry but I can't help you on this one.  I just want to let you know someone heard you!  But check back tomorrow when more members are around.  And I truly wish you good luck.  I very much hope you find one.
Wow, that puts his patients in a very tough spot!  Try posting on the Addiction Abuse forum and you may get more answers on this.  Good luck.

I had been on Subtex or Suboxone for 5 years.  I first used Subtex to withdraw from Oxycodone I was being prescribed to manage pain.  I took Subutex for 4 months then withdrew over a period of a month by increasing trhe period of time I was taking the med thereby reducing the amount.
After being off all pain meds for a month I found the pain to be too much and I asked my doctor to prescribe Subutex for my pain.  I took 8mg every 8 hours and found the pain control was pretty good without the affects other meds had on my mind for 5 years.  
Then I switched my medical insurance to Kaiser and I immediately took the medicine bottle to my new dopctor and she would not prescribe Subutex or any other pain meds therefore I went through 3 months of terrible pain and withdrawls that seemed to last forever.  
On you can serach for doctors who have been certified to treat opioid dependence which is required for a doctor to be able to prescribe Subutex or Suboxone.  I had to wait over a year for my doctor to go through training to get certified to prescribe Subutex and to treat me while going through withdrawls.  
Something I found out is that some doctors do not want to be listed in the Subutex database and the best thing to do is to call Pain
Management doctors and ask if the doctor can prescribe Subutex.

Again, you will find many answers on the Subutex website

To help you find a physician or a counselor: call 866-973-4373.

Let me know how things work out for you
Good Luck
Ray did give you some great advice. Is there any other meds that work for you? Since you can't find anyone that will give that too you I would see if you can get into a good pain dr that can work with meds that will work for you. If you can't find a dr that is willing to give you the meds.
Best of luck to you,
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