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Taking Fentanyl,Norco,Lyrica,Topamax,& there a better way...
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Taking Fentanyl,Norco,Lyrica,Topamax,& there a better way

Hello to all,
     I have been on this medication for at least 2 yrs. and the newest added is the Topamax, in which I have only taken for two days but actually feel better. Is it possible that it could work that fast or be what I needed to help me with my pain. I am so elated to think that I might actually feel better for a change. Even on the other medication that I have been on I have had a lot of days of suffering. I really hate the patch due to having to change it every 72 hrs. and if you cut it too close then PAAAIINN...then you have to let it take so long for it to take effect. I take the Norco for breakthrough, but have been taking it for at least 4 yrs and think I have built an immumitity to it. It does help so I can't complain...I am greatful to at least have some kind of relief due to the kind of pain that I endure. I don't know what I would do without my Lyrica either. It seems to have a clock like ability to just @ the minutes to when it is due. Now, that they have put me on the Topamax it seems have helped me stave off taking the Lyrica right on which is good in a way since I take it every 6 hrs.and I heard that if you take it over 4 times a day it does you no good. I don't take it but 3..some days 4. It's according if I don't sleep, but the Topamax has seemed to give me a better sense of sleeping...I am so glad that I can sleep more now. I was only getting 2-4 hrs. a day. That will wear you out. Now, to the Xanax. I only take it when needed. I have spasms/tremors that are so tough to deal with. My right shoulder will just lock up with my muscles so tight that I don't know what else to do since I am allergic to flexeril. I barf everytime I take it. It is funny I used to could take it, but I guess I developed an allergic reaction to it somehow.
MY question to you is, is there a better way to get medicine like the patch that is continuous without it being a morphine pump? There has got to be a better solution. I am already scared of it and now they are raising it from a 50mcg to a 75mcg. I tried that last summer and had severe nausea. I heard of med-tronic,but I bet it takes forever to get one and how safe is it?
Thank you for any input you can give me for this situation. I am thinking maybe I will be able...hopefully get rid of the Lyrica after I get my Topamax dosage where it should be. Right now they have started me out on 25mg. The very first day I took it my head hurt so bad and I was nauseated, so I stopped it for 2 days and was so desperate and thought just maybe I didn't give it a good chance. I take it again at 10:00 am today and I will let you know @ it. By the way, what do you feel @ it? So far what I have read seems to be good or the good outweigh the bad.Oh, I have been prescribed a pres. of Doxyclyine HYC 100mg. and took it one day and stopped. It scared me. I read some serious things @ it. I just am taking enough already and I might have an infection, but there has to be something besides that to take.
Take care you guys and always GOD BLESS....Karen
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Hi Karen,

I am sorry you are struggling with your medications. You've posted some good questions and concerns. I'll start with the Topamax. It is anticonvulsant that is successfully prescribed for several other conditions. Migraine sufferers are often prescribed Topamax and as you know it is also prescribed to treat nerve pain. Lyrica is most likely prescribed for the same reason. Topamax will work best as the medication reaches a therapeutic level in your blood but yes you may notice some releif prior. Does your physician plan to treat your nerve pain with both?    

Why are you fearful of Doxycycline? It is a tetracycline. It's a widely prescribed safe medication ordered to treat bacterial infections. If you are allergic to Tetracycline than it is a concern and should not be taken. If you are not having allergy symptoms I encourage you to take it to treat the infection that your PCP diagnosed.... Or call him and discuss your concerns. All antibiotics (ATB) have side effects. Usually a physician will prescribe a ATB based on what he thinks the "bug" is and it's location. Obviously different ATBs work better than others based on type of bacteria.  

Fentanyl users often need to change their patch every 48 instead of 72 hours. A simply change in schedule may offer you more even pain releif. Sometimes a physician will increase the time change instead of the dosage and it is just as effective as an increase. I would discuss that possibility with your physician also.

The morphine pump (medtronic is one manufacturer) can have some side effects also. Some ppl obviously obtain great releif while others have problems. I cannot speak from personal experience. If you have specific questions regrading the pump I suggest a new post with that as your heading. We have "lurkers" or readers that will scan the site and only comment on something that is familiar to them.  

You do take a variety of medications. I assume your physician monitors your pain and side effects of medications. If you are being treated by a PMP they are the experts in juggling these meds. Your pharmacist should also be evaluating the mixture and interactions as meds are added or subtracted. Don't hesitate to ask the pharmacist questions on your medications. Often they have even more knowledge with medications and interactions than your physician.

Please keep in touch and let us know how you are doing. I will look forward to your updates with interest.

Take Care,
Hello Karen and I also welcome you to the Pain Forum.

I'm sorry to hear that your suffering so. I'm wondering what it is the you suffer from. What is your condition. I ask because sometimes members can give you advise from what they've experienced...they may have the same condition as you and can help better knowing what they're dealing with.

Chronic Pain is a disease just like any other disease. It's nothing to shrug off. Many ppl think that we cannot possibly be in all this pain all of the time and therefore don't think we suffer like we do. They cannot see the pain and so in their minds, doesn't exist or is exaggerated to some degree.

Tuck gave you some great advise and knowledge on your medications. I'm Glad that you've found us and hope that you'll continue to post.

Please take care,
Warmest regards,
Thanks guys for the input. I still have questions..if that is okay. I have had my leg to start swelling and it has done this once before, but worse to where I had to go to the hospital and they just said that I had a pinched nerve and gave me children's motrin. I didn't ask for anything. I was just scared it was a blood clot or I was having a stroke or heart attack.
So you think that the Topamax is okay. I do too. I am so glad, but it is strange that is when my feet started getting the edema. I mean I can press on it and it stays in for at least 10 secs or more. What do u think? I do feel better. I don't feel like I did the past two nights where I couldn't breath. Before I took it that is the way that I felt. It usually happens when ever I eat something,but it does matter what it is. If it is grapes or fruit I don't seem to feel it as much, but a piece of pie...that does me in and I can't breath.
@ the Doxcy. I just got scared from what I have read I guess and I really don't know. I might try it again. I got these boils I guess you could call them or blisters that come on my face around my nose and on my chin and I don't know what is causing them except it be for the Lyrica since it is the only one that says it can cause boils or blisters.
I don't go to a PMP. Small town..have a PCP. I know he just raised my patch and wouldn't change my breakthrough instead. I just wanted to change it to percocette since I have taken the Norco for so long that I have built an immunitity to it, but he just wanted to go ahead and raise the patch because I knew my pain level wasn't going to get any easier if I didn't do something. I really thought that idea was great @ the 48 hr. change of patch instead of 72 hr. and actually have heard of it on the net several times and don't know why I didn't think of it while I was there. Anyway, I will present him with it the next time I am there.
I better go for now my feet are really swollen and it feels spongy...kind of creepy. I wonder what is causing it? Can u think of anything besides that I only added the new med. and that is the Topamax. I have actually slept better without having to take my xanax like I usually have to, but I did tonight because I didn't want to panic if there was something serious going on. I just had a sharp pain in my foot too. It is strange what I am going through. Do u think it could possibly be the Fibro. that I have causing it to do it?
Thanks guys and I will check back when I wake up...who knows might be in 2 or 4 hrs from now or hopefully I can get some more hours since things seem to be trying to get back to semi-normal...:)
Thanks for all the helps when u go through all kinds of pain and some people just don't understand and by looking on the outside don't see what is going on ..on the inside..and yes mollyrae we can suffer and not show it as much, but it doesn't mean it is not there...
GOD BLESS ....Karen
I'm sorry you're having such a hard time both with your pain and your medications.

I just wanted to give a possible cause of your feet swelling -- it could be the Lyrica - that is listed as one of the side effects and I, also, had it when I was on the Lyrica (one of the reasons I had to stop taking it).  Something you may want to ask either your doctor or pharmacist about.

I hope you feel better real soon.
Pitting (meaning it dents when pressure is applied) edema usually means you have excess fluid in your interstitial tissues. There are so many causes of pitting edema that without knowing your medical condition in detail I could not even guess.

Geminigirl has offered you a good possibility. I would certainly ask your PCP and your Pharmacist if the Lyrica could be causing it.

I do not have a PMP either. In our state it is the PCP that follows and prescribes for their chronic pain patients. In my opinion my PCP is as knowledgeable as any PMP and we have built a great patient-doctor relationship.  

Regrading the Doxcy. All ATB's have to be taken continuously as prescribed. Starting and stopping them or taking them sporadically will not accomplish their purpose. If you have had any allergic symptoms do not take them again without consulting your PCP. I do have a medical background and I beleive that sometimes a little knowledge can be worse than none.I admit that has been true for me. There are very few if any medications that do not have some kind of side effect(s).    

Do you have the blisters all the time? Can you correlate their appearance with the start of any medication or a change in your routine?

We are here if you need us. We'll look forward to your updates.
Hi skeetelmore:

In my opinion it sounds  like you have another case of Edema. Have you had it checked out by a Doctor? If not, then I suggest that you do so.

As far as shortness of breath after eating, that sounds like a case of Indigestion. That too should be looked at by a Doctor.

Doxycycline is nothing to be afraid of. It is an Antibiotic that is commonly used for infections and is totally safe unless you have an allergy to it and if you had an allergy you would have known it after the first dose so if the Doctor is prescribing you the Antibiotic then you should take it. You must have an infection that need to be treated.

Edema is sometimes treated with Antibiotics so is it possible that the Doctor has prescribed you the Doxy for that?

Please don't put so much worry into every ache and pain that comes along. Stress can make you sick just like catching a cold from someone.

Make a list of everything that is concerning you and take that along with you during your next office visit. Make sure that you go over each and everything on that list.

Take care and get some rest,
Mollyrae makes a good point with making a list before your next physicians visit. I have done that when I have multiple questions or concerns.

I have not heard of Doxycycline or any ATB being prescribed to treat edema. But there are a lot of things I don't know.

Again best of luck and please let us know how you are doing.
     Thanks for your comments and I am wondering how it could be the Lyrica since I have been taking it for so long. I have taken this mg. for over 2 yrs. and actually went up to 200mg. when my face started to getting blisters on it. I thought that raising the mg. of it was the cause of the outbreak so I went back down to the 150 and have been pretty satisfied w/it. Still have a blemish or two, but not as bad as it was.
     I truly believe it was the Topamax that made me swell, since it is the only new thing that I have added. I haven't taken the Doxy in probably a month, but since I think I have Osteomyelitis that it would be a good idea until I got to the dr. to take the antibiotic to stave off or get an early boost I guess. I have a pic of my foot and thought @ adding it so it could be seen, but thought that it might be a little bit creepy to have my fat foot on the Another thing @ the Doxy is that my pain level increases a lot when I take it and now I remember why I stopped. Could that really be what is making my pain blocking it. Making it not work properly? Behind my neck I have some serious PAIN and it really scares me.When I take the Doxy it makes it flare up. You think I could be allergic? I think it has something to do with the infection(Osteomyelitis).... Now, I haven't actually been dx w/it...I just have every symtom and either it is that or my surgery is coming my case and my luck I wouldn't doubt it being my surgery,but why do I have all the symptoms and also have a Chiari Malformation and they say usually you have something that goes along with it.
     My luck is so crazy, I went in to have a Myleogram done and was scared I am not going to lie. I asked the guy in the room that was gettting me ready @ the statistics of people who have the spinal tap headache and I think it was 1 in a 1000 and I told him..."You have just met the minority"..sad, but true...I had a doozy..had to go back after a wk of guts..sawy a little graphic..then have a blood patch done. Man, that thing was hard on me. I really thought I was going to die..I didn't haven't anything left to give..
     I am sorry @ being kinda down tonight...usually I am an upbeat kinda person. Pain can really get you down. I hate it. I have to deal with it and my family has to take care of me and they are so patient and my youngest son is so helpful...sometimes...naw he is a pretty good kid. I call him my "little light". He can be a pill, but he is a boy and full of energy and mom used to tickle him and kid around more w/him....I know he misses that.
     Oh, I am scheduled for a Bone Scan tomorrow, but realized I am on my last patch(Fentanyl) and don't get them filled until Tues. I bet they make me take it off. They have when I have gone to get an MRI. I hate to have to reschedule...I wonder if they will replace my patch. It would only be right. I would have to suffer and that is not the word for it.
     You know, I really hate that @ the Topamax. I was feeling so much better. I was losing some fluid in my upper body..Hey...maybe it was shifting a thought. I wish I could continue on it, but I did read some scary things on this website...darn..i just closed that window...oh..Brain talk communities...this woman went blind in 7 days after taking it. I have read some good things and bad, but that is tooo bad. I can't take that chance. are probably right@ the I am trying not to eat so much. I eat a lot of grapes and in the morning do just wheat bread. I am bad @ drinking coffee..since it is @ all that I drink. I do make myself drink some water...don't like it, but do drink it. So, Tuck if I don't drink much water, you said something @ fluid and water. I should go back up and read, but hubby wanting on and have to hurry now.  I do have an ulcer and it doesn't give me much trouble. I take Nexium..not every day, just once or twice a wk. I don't like to take too much and take the chance of things interacting.
     Someone once said to me and I believe this to be true. If we all put our troubles in a bag and placed it in the middle of the floor and had the chance of changing with someone else we would be running to get our own bag back. I believe it. Even though I am in pain I know how truly blessed I am. Life is hard and we have got to count our blessings. We are blessed by the life GOD gave us and the love we share in our lives. I have had a great life with a lot of wonderful memories...sometimes we just have to reflect and remember the good times in our lives...
     Thanks so much guys for being there....everyone here...and I pray we all reflect and think of how truly blessed we really are...and always to you GOD BLESS...Karen
I just wanted to thank you too. I appreciate any info I can get at this point...sawy gotta to for now hubby getting a little
Take care all and always GOD BLESS....Karen
It could be the Topomax (topamax) that caused the edema. Anything is possible as our systems are all different and respond differently to medications. You have much to discuss with your physician.

As you know osteomyelitis is a serious condition and can be difficult to treat. If you suspect that you have that you need to get the diagnosis and begin treatment asap.

I am not certain why the Doxy flares your pain. It's another point to write on your list for discussion with your PCP. When is your nest appt?

Today you will have the bone scan. Among other things that should reveal if you have osteomyelitis. I hope you will share with us the results of you scan. They should not have to remove your patch. If they insist upon it request that they call your PCP and another ordered so it can be reapplied shortly following the procedure. I am sure they will not have one available but you should be able to get it replaced at your local pharmacy with a prescription.

Keep in touch and try to keep your spirits up. I know the long painful journey you have been on must be terribly draining. Be good to yourself. Don't miss an opportunity to smile. I bet your little one provides you with some great moments.


Tuck, I have to admit that my little one does provide some great moments that keep me going and then there are times I have to set him straight. He turned 12 Aug.6th and he is the light of my life here on Earth. He is a bit independent, but that can be a good thing in these times to a degree. I love the little booger to death and only try to lead him in the right direction. With me being mostly bedridden, I have a lot of timeto watch movies...laugh and have a good time, to talk to him and read the Bible to him. I really love to tell him life lessons...not lectures mind you just talk to him @ life so he will be prepared. He is a good kid. He leads songs in Church and even says prayers...closing ones too. I am so proud of him,but I don't blow his head up either. I give him his space to grow and learn some things on his own for sometimes that is the best way.
     I was an only just couldn't have anymore. I was lucky to be took her 8 yrs. to have me. I had the same thing that she had..Endometriosis. It is a terrible thing. So much suffering. You know, I have suffered a lot in my life, but I think that is just the way the ball bounces so you can learn the life lessons you have to so you can get through life. Life is hard and I feel I am just a rambling. You seem so easy to talk to.
     I don't do much. I just got on and all I do is check my Medhelp and sometimes I go to this place called is pretty cool, but it doesn't have that feature...that I know of where you can come right back to where you left off. I like that so you can keep connected to people easier and check on what people said @ what you said. I try everytime I go back to find my last discusion and get sort of confused and on to another discussion that never gets an answer so I don't know why I go except that there are so many people going through some of the same things. It is way easier here. I love it here.
     @ the scan...I didn't get to get it today. I was awake and layed on the bed a sec.and fell asleep,my hubby was up and knew I had to be there at 7:30am, but I think he didn't want to go today bc he was tired. He works nights and I know it is hard on him, but I am sick and truly believe I have that Osteom. bc I have like I said all the symptoms and having the Chiari usually you have one of a list of it could be Thryroid, they call it hishemotto's or something like that. I don't know why he does that. I am not mad. I am a very patient person..just getting a little worried since I have been down for so long now and have put on some weight. I am losing some. It may be fluid, but that's a start. I will get down again. It ain't gonna be easy, but I can do it. I eat a lot of fruit and grans. I am pretty discipined and determined to get my 10 jeans back
     I am going in the morning though to get my scan. I called today to make sure that I could. I have to get blood work done too. I am going all out. I am doing the Free T3 and T4,TOS,and some other one...TPH or something like that. I want to rule out the Thyroid. Then, we'll see if the bone scan will show what is going on in there. I truly think it's some kind of infection bc It seems like I have taken 4 rounds of antibotics just in the last 6-8 me that sounds like a lot. I used to never have to take one..maybe once a yr. or maybe one every two yrs. I have always been positive and pushed my way through a lot. I had allergies as a child too. I did do something I wanted to do...I sang. I worked professionally. I loved it. I sang everywhere. I did all kinds of Country Shows until I got to the big it was my 15min. of fame. I worked in Nashville, the Grand Ole Opry and the theme park Opryland. I loved every minute of it. I worked with some big names who wouldn't know who I was now.I worked with Dean Sams of Lonestar and Chely Wright and Ken Mellons..all Country singers..I did get to meet Brenda Lee and go to a party at Lee Greenwood's was great..Got to go to the pool everyday and tanned..ohhhh...I do miss it.. I sang and was in the best shape of my life..I wll try to upload a pic of the show and how together I looked then..I sure miss looking like that. Not bragging..just thinking how my stomach was so that is not funny...:) That's okay. I wasn't meant for the bigtime. I want to focus on living a life for God..He died for me. If I do anything professional will be Gospel. I write a lot of songs...too many..they are everywhere. Here I go again...rambling
     Oh, I did start the Doxy again. I just said that I was going to toughen up and take the darn pill. I was worried that this infection or whatever has me needed it's butt kicked...whoo..did I say, the pain is a little worse but I will make it. I am starting the 75mcg Fentanyl Patches tomorrow...not looking forward to that. They made me sick as a dog last summer. I took them for a mos or two and told the doc to bring me back down. It is too late now for doing the 50mcg this mos. ,but I wll talk to my PCP @ the 48 hr. thing. I really think that is the best approach.
     Gosh..I wrote a lot...hope I didn't wear those eyes out...I just feel comfortable talking with you and hope you don't mind. Sawy I really didn't mean to go and ramble on and on...anyway check back later to see if you wanted to write my blog..or shoud I say a long the comments if you want to hear anymore from me. They have fixed it to where I have to start over and just haven't yet..I will...I guess..input on what you think...Don't get too down on my older son.. I did write to him there bc his's a long story that I will save for later..or maybe you can get the gist of it on the site.
You take care of yourself and thanks for listening..I mean that...and always.GOD BLESS
Hi and take care to everyone else too....:)
I will be looking forward to the result of your scan. I am glad that you started the Doxy as prescribed by your physician.

You may send me a PM to chat. It is confidential. I'll send you one first if you are unsure how it is done.

I wishing you the best of luck.
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