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Un diagnosed back break
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Un diagnosed back break

I have been investigated for severe pain around the abdomen  and back, and all over pain for the last six months. 2 extremely painful colonoscopies and 3 ct scans failed to diagnose any abnormalities. Finally an MRI scan has determined an old L1 fracture plus a sub acute...recent fracture of T12 vertabra. No osteporosis has been found, and no relevant trauma has occurred.
I have been on Oramorph for 6 six months and within the last 2 months a slow release morphine tablet 2x 10mgs twice daily has been added.
The only relief I experience is with the Oromorph.MST just doesn't work.
I am sick and very upset that , my own requests to 5 different GPs[it is very difficult to see the same doctor at my practice} to check out the possibility of a 'back/spine', problem were dismissed as irrelevant.One GP even felt my spine and said 'there's a slight kink there but that's just old age'. I am 65 and normally very active. I used to love walking and doing yoga.
I am in a world of pain and am now waiting for an appointment at the Royal Orthopaedfic Hospital in Stanmore.
When I run out of Oromorph,which I take 2wice a day at 15mgs, I resort to Ibuprofen @ 400mgs 2wice a day.
I have been told that this medication is not suitable for pain management.
My question is [finally you'll be pleased to read!] can anyone give me some advice on what to do for effective pain management?
Thankyou very much for reading this
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Experiencing pain is very stressful and that in itself can be harmful to the body.  There are pain management specialist doctors, perhaps you could get a referral to one.

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Hi Mary,

A tardy Welcome to our supportive Pain Management Community. I am so sorry to hear about your uncontrolled chronic pain - and the great difficulty you've had obtaining a DX (diagnosis).

I see you are in the UK. I hope one of our UK members will offer you some suggestions - as our (USA) medical delivery system and pain management is different than the UKs. However opiates are opaites, no matter where you may reside.

How our body responds or metabolized specific meds including opiates often differs from person to person. Oramorph is an oral solution of a liquid containing the active ingredient morphine sulfate. It's generally reserved for ppl with extreme or severe pain. That may include you.

Chronic Pain in the US, if treated is usually treated with a LA (long acting ) opiate such as  Ms Contin (morphine sulfate) extended release tablets-  or OxyContin (oxycodone) extended release tablets - there are more. In addition to the LA opiate a SA (short acting) opiate is also RX for break-through pain. So you have an opiate that maintains a therapeutic level of pain control in an attempt to avoid the high peaks of pain that are often difficult to level out. The SA opiate is RX when the LA isn't quite enough to control your pain for short periods of time - like when you are overly active - or the pain spikes and the LA doesn't control the pain.

In the US that's usually our ideal pain management. However it also goes hand in hand with any procedures such as steroidal injections, RFA, TENS units and so forth that may reduce your pain - thus reduce your need for opiate therapy.

What specific opiate will be most effective for is most likely a trial and error between you and a good PMP (Pain Management Physician). There is a new DNA swab that is becoming more popular. It reveals how your body metabolizes certain opiates - what's best for you - avoiding the trial and error process.  At least that's the theory. It's still controversial in some circles.

I haven't addressed your DX - the importance of knowing why you are having idiopathic fractures (meaning unknown cause) requires investigation. You didn't ask about it - but it would be of concern to me. Your Spine health is important for a healthy senior years. I hope you'll connect with a good physician that can provide you with answers.  

Please keep in touch and let us know how you are doing. I hope you'll be active in our community. I'll look forward to hearing from you soon.

My Best to You,

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Hi Mary!  :)

I want to join Tuck in "Welcoming" you to our Forum!  :)  I'm very happy you found us but very sorry to hear of the pain you are experiencing from your spine!!  :(  

I know exactly what you are going thru, as do many of us that suffer with problems related to our backs.  

As Tuck said, you need to get evaluated by a Dr. and it sounds like you will when you get your appointment with the Royal Orthopedic Hospital in Stanmore.  That's exactly what you need.  I've always understood that it takes a very long time, sometimes, to get an appointment in the United Kingdom.  If this is the case then, I'm so very sorry for all you are going thru!

All.the information that Tuck gave you pertaining to treatment is exactly correct.  It all comes down to what your own diagnosis turns out to be.

I hope you will stay on MH (MedHelp) as I feel your own personal PM struggles will be of benefit to others.  

I'll be thinking of you and will be looking for your updates!  Best of luck......    Sherry  :)
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