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after care for a dnc
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after care for a dnc

i had a dnc yesterday to check for uterine cancer.last night i felt i have pain in my lower abdomin (abdomen).and a lot of gas.and there is very little bleeding.should i be concerned.
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I hope this will help you.....this comes from mayo clinic website.

Contact your doctor if you experience any of the following:

Bleeding that is heavy enough that you need to change protection every hour, or if light bleeding lasts longer than two weeks
Cramps lasting more than 48 hours
Pain that gets worse instead of better

Either way to put your mind at ease i would call the doctor.......feel better..
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If you are not having much bleeding and have some cramping and gas...sounds like thats pretty normal for having a D and C.  The hospital should have given you a sheet that describes what to expect.  The gas is from the air they put in you during the procedure. They need to expand the uterus to see it in full.  The cramping is from the nerves beginning to heal on the uterine walls and reaction from the "scraping".
As neurotic can call the doctors office to feel more assured that you are doing fine.
Much luck and best wishes to you!
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