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can neuro surgury help for post surgical pain
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can neuro surgury help for post surgical pain

My daughter had a bowel resection 5 years ago and has been in constant pain since.  She is taking oxycodone for the pain but it is not effective exept in high doses and her current doctor doesn't believe in pain meds.  Could neuro surgery be the answer
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Hello Golilla,

Welcome to the Pain Management Forum. I am sorry to hear about your daughters problems since her bowel resection. I too had a bowel resection and over 3 feet of my small intestine was removed.

Among other conditions from a MVA I have chronic abdominal pain that they attribute to adhesions. Our Forum is more directed at Chronic Pain Mangement. You may benefit from posing in another forum related to GI issues. You are always welcome here but  they may have more information for your daughter.

I don't know what a neurosurgeon could offer you daughter unless she has a nerve damage or impingement issues. I guess it couldn't hurt. Have you had her to other surgeons? Or have you sought addition gastroenterology opinions?  If not I would keep searching until someone can give you some answers.

Best of luck to you and your daughter. Please feel free to keep in touch.

Take Care,
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thanks for your input.  My daughter has been diagnosed with nerve damage in the area of the surgery.  Scar tissue is pinching nerves.  It is not the crohns that is causing the pain.  She has become not only dependent on oxycodone but addicted.  It truly is tearing me up to see her like this.  Even with the meds she is always in pain. She doesn't sleep, is often throwing up from the stomach upset you get from pain.  Because the root of her pain is nerve, I was wondering if neuro surgery was an option.  Her internist won't do anything because he says the odds don't favor it.  It is a 30%chance things will stay the same, 30% it will get worse, and 30% it will fix the problem.  Because of this it becomes elective surgery and insurance won't cover it.  Where do I turn?
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NO more surgery will not help her. The surgery is what did this to her. And now she is addicted to pain pills. So talk to the internist and get her on a program to ween off the oxycontin.  Then in your area find a naturopathic doctor.  Some of them are MD's if that would make you feel better.  Going to a alternative doctor at this point is the best thing for her and you.  Why did she have a bowel resection? I know it's hard especially when your child is in so much pain but please see how all this medical intervention got her here.  She could be vomiting from the pain meds.  And when you take oxycontin which I did and I suffer with severe chronic pain, at times you can't even measure your pain level.  So contact a naturopath or an acupuncturist.  They can help her with pain but the first thing to do is get her off oxycontin. If it's never pain there is other meds for nerve pain. Like Neurontin.
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I found this on One thing that may have occurred is a leak where the colon was connected back together.  If this doctor is not listening to you see someone else right away.  It also says if the patient is not getting relief from pain meds call doctor right away.  Call another doctor. Best of luck.


These complications include:

A leak where the colon was connected back together.
Injury to adjacent organs such as the small intestine, ureter, or bladder
Blood clots to the lungs.
It is important for you to recognize the early signs of possible complications. Contact your surgeon if you notice severe abdominal pain, fevers, chills, or rectal bleeding.


Be sure to call your physician or surgeon if you develop any of the following:

Persistent fever over 101 degrees F (39 C)
Bleeding from the rectum
Increasing abdominal swelling
Pain that is not relieved by your medications
Persistent nausea or vomiting
Persistent cough or shortness of breath
Purulent drainage (pus) from any incision
Redness surrounding any of your incisions that is worsening or getting bigger
You are unable to eat or drink liquids
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You didn't tell us the age of your daughter. I am sorry she has become addicted but are you sure it is addiction or is it dependency? There is a fine line. Does she exhibit drug seeking behavior? Does she often take more than what is prescribed to seek a high? Simply because a person requires a narcotic to achieve some level of pain control does not make them an addict. Chronic pain is a disease just as a diabetic needs insulin so often does a person with disabling chronic pain. If she is actually an addict why is her physician prescribing narcotics?  

Nerve pain is one of the most difficult to treat. You may find a different combination of medications more effective than just the oxycodone. A little trial and error with other medications may help her achieve a better comfort level. There are also medications for nausea and vomiting. I would look into that possibility.  

No one should or can tell you if your daughter will be one of the 30% that have a successful out come from surgery. This has to be a decision that is made by her and her surgeon once she has all the facts and if she is of age. Otherwise it needs to be your decision with the surgeon. I think you are going in the right direction to educate yourself on the surgical procedure and her condition. Just because you have a consult with a neurosurgeon or a neurologist does not mean your daughter has to have surgery. They may be able to offer other treatments that may be effective.

Going off the oxycodone again has to be a decision made by her physician and her, assuming she is of age. If she is not of age obviously it will also be your decision.

Acupuncture and holistic medicine has not been successful in managing my deteriorating painful condition. Indeed it is not often effective in severe cases. It is worth a try, anything is worth consideration But to assume that it will be the ultimate answer is as unrealistic as assuming surgery will be.

I know how very difficult it is to feel helpless as our children suffer with pain. This must be tearing you apart. Continue to be a good supportive mom. This means so much to those that have chronic pain.

Hang in there. We are here to support you. Please keep in touch and let us know how you and your daughter are doing. My heart goes out to you both.  
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I never meant to imply alternative therapies could help but please step back and see where your daughter is because of the surgeries and narcotics. I've had both, surgeries and I am on strong pain medications.  There is a time and a need. But part of pain and dis ease is getting caught up in the process and because we are in so much pain and you watching your child all you want is relief for her.  I am simply advising that you step back and entertain other options.  Let in other therapies that can help her.  It would be good to know her age. I assumed she was under age.  I would hate to see her spend her life on medication as I know you would.  There is so much to look at that causes dis ease in our bodies.  The #1 thing it said in the information I sent you is if the patient is in so much pain pain meds are not helping get her to the doctor.  Well you've tried that.  And sounds like they send her home vomiting in pain.  I would see another doctor as soon as you can.  A regular MD and then look at other therapies.  I would want to know a definitive answer why she is in so much pain.  Was something done incorrectly?  I'm just another mother that is shaking thinking of your child and knowing how you feel. Whenever my kids have been hospitalized I don't leave their side. I question until they don't want to see my face but these are my babies and I want them well and on track.  Just as you do.  Best of luck and we all care here.  Keep us posted on your progress.
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My daughter is 31 years old and you are right. She is dependant on pain meds.  She has had freezing at the pain site but to no avail.  She is trying to take as few meds as possible but trying to hold down full time employment is so hard between the pain and the lack of sleep.  She did have a period of time of rectal bleeding and had a scope done.  She lost so much blood she was close to needing a transfusion.  The internist that did the scope said the bleeding was dueto fissures which have since cleared up.  I honestly don't know how you strong people live with such pain and I know something about pain myself.  I have sever degenerative osteo of the spine and 6 compressed discs but my pain is nothing compared to what some of you are going through.  Her surgeon simply sent her to a useless pain specialist who has too many clients and not enough time.  It is months between phone calls and only one visit.
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Thank you for the additional information. I had a feeling your daughter was of age and dependant but not addicted to narcotics.

She needs to see a new PMP in my opinion. One visit in six months is not enough time to provide him with the knowledge and information required to properly managed your daughter's pain. As I indicated in my earlier post it takes time, trial and error to determine what combination of medications best treat an individuals pain. In my opinion it is not smart practice to just throw the usual and customary medications at everyone and hope they work.

My physician has been patient and kind while working with me over a periods of months to find what works best to address my chronic pain. This avoids over medication and better pain coverage, again in my opinion. Yes it can be time consuming and frustrating but the end results are worth it. Encourage your daughter to seek another PMP.

Please keep in touch and let us know how you and your daughter are doing. You sound like a wonderful mother. She needs all the support right now and it sounds like you are are giving her just that. So many members have little to no support and it is so very important.

I'll look forward to hearing from you again.

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I am so sorry to hear about the health challenges your daughter is facing. I can tell you I know where you are coming from as a parent as my then 6 yr old son was diagnosed with cancer and my whole world suddenly fell apart in a drastic and unimagineable way.
We would do 'ANYTHING' to trade places with them or take it away from them but the inevitabilty is we simply can't do that. I never thought I could handle it, but somehow God gave me the strength needed when I had nothing left, I pray and believe He will do the same for you.

Tuck's advice is 100% correct and I believe your daughter needs to be seen by the 'SAME' PMP at 'LEAST' monthly if not more.

When making the appt, simply state you need additional time to meet with the Dr to explain the complete circustances behind your daughters' condition.

They will usually set more time aside in these cases and can bill accordingly for it.
I have Aetna and the Dr's office can bill them for a more in depth appt if needed.

I want to try and encourage you by commending you for carrying the flame for your daughter and being the best advocate you possibly can for her. It speaks of the depth of love you have for your daughter and wanting to see her gain just an ounce of relief.

Be strong and keep up the good work! You and your daughter will be in my prayers.

Please keep us updated when you have the time and let us know how things are progressing.

Thanks for sharing this huge slice of your families life with us.

Warm regards.


Timothy 4:7-8

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.

Now there is in store for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will award to me on that day— and not only to me, but also to all who have longed for his appearing.


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