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lyrica withdrawal help
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lyrica withdrawal help

I suffer from chronic pain and had allergic three actions to gabapentin, lexapro and cymbalta, then I switched pain doctors not happy, he suggested lyrica I said I wouldn't go on it until I spoke with Eli Lily they told me there is no chance of me having the allergy, I was only on it for two weeks and that dyskinesia kicked in, I was on a low dose, only one pill, because I was or he having problems with it.

Now I'm in lyrica brutality withdrawal! I'm sweating I'm freezing my head is going to blow off, my stomach is nauseated I can't walk it's been almost 30 days, and my pain Dr. is not helping me, I've increased my B12, taking magnesium drinking lots of water I met my last wits end, I had a traumatic accident five years ago and I have been fighting to regain my mobility and strength,

What is up with lyrica? Why can't I get over this withdrawal? I'm crying nonstop, I'm a fighter, someone please tell me this is going to an end! And if you have any tips please help! Thank you
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Oh my!
Lyrica withdrawal was hell for me!...I went off a dose of 150 mg twice a day I had been  on  for 5 yrs !
I didn't tell my pain dr and after 30 to 45 days I was in so much pain that I had to go back on it as even upping my dose of opiate did nothing to decrease the pain..even after I went back on the lyrica It has taken 2months to adjust my opiate pain meds back down to what theyi were before I had quit..
I wish now I had tried gabapentin again...I still have heard such bad things about lyrica that I want to stop it again!
My terrible ordeal!

I drank 4 cans of glycerna a day pushed 3 pints of water a day and sweat oh my word sweat and cold chills for a good 45 days..My husband couldn't drag me even to the bath so he got me adult diapers!..I was only taking the lyrica and same dose opiates I had been on for 7 yrs..I had been on cymbalta too earlier..had gone off that totally 4 months prior.that made me depressed..perhaps because of thyroid prob  and I did not know at time, but I wanted off everything!
I have neuropathy pain and had been having an unknown thyroiditis maybe I had temporary madness or ?.however even my kidney specialist had said..get off that darn lyrica..
It shows I was crazy with something to have gone thru that and now that I am clearer headed...still want to go off again
Google lyrica side effects, actions, you are not alone ...many sites to read..don't necessarily listen to he can also contact and give a report to the FDA...I am in no way a doctor or lawyer by the way!
Hope you feel better very very soon.
Hang in might be other things as you were not on it very long but then, everybody is different..hope others can help you....

hello my pain-friends:  i am thinking that for some of us who take lyrica that we did so for a reason and we kept taking it because it helped us----else why take it---i have never gotten any kind of "high" from it and i doubt you did either.  
      Depending on our situation we may have to decide to just keep taking it. Just like the opiates. We may not like it----but diabetics don't like what they have to do---others stop their bp meds or their antidepressant--or etc.
     It would be so helpful if someone who will have to be taking opiates from now on and who have come to terms with that and who enjoy each other words----are there folks who have learned to not let the meds drag them down?????????? Anybody?????????

Hi ....bless you both yes
If one has great benefits from a drug helping an otherwise debilitating condition then that medicine has accomplished its mission for that person.
   If it's side effects are greater than the good it provides then its use is concerning,
If the case is the case of allergy as described best by the manufacture..then discontinuation of that drug for that person must be determined with the help of the prescribing doctor, to be discontinued. No doctor can make a patient take a drug that he or she feels has made a condition much worse. The best professional way is for the doctor to explain why the patient needs to continue because the benefit outweighs the risks...or Chang the drug to an alternate one that better accomplishes prescribed then it's continued use must be discussed to ensualternative drug might be better tolerated and still give benefit then good medicine has been accomplished. be discussed suse must be existing ordiscontinued for a better medication of same or similar indication.
and the good intent of the medication still omplishments its intentto that person then medicinemedicine has accomplished its mission.
If a person asks if he or she is not alone in going through a terrible time with a med I too can relate to then I want to try to sigh and relate they are not alone..Indliedawn, you, I feel, might not be having an allergic reaction but possibly an adverse reaction because you Mentioned diskenesia and that is a Sid effect. It would be wonderful to be given a medication that not only helps the condition but also has no side effects..
I am outta here as my ipad and i sooo apologize..but try to stay the course of obtaining the best health you can.and asking any question in your quest to not feel alone...
You deserve to get help here...and I pray you do..
Everyone here wants to help you.
I so wanted just to help
Bye, to you and all..
Thank you all for your wonderful words! My pain Dr., is still un sympathetic, he has only spoken to me by phone and doesn't even believe me. I am an accomplished writer I am not crazy, it's been 30 days, does it ever end that's my question? Can anyone help me with that?

The problem is, I take three Percocets today, I used to be on much higher dosages, prior to my accident which caused severe nerve pain, I was even on much higher Percocets I despise them, but right now I can't stop taking the three, it was the only time it gives me about three hours of lucidity, and I go right back into the haze and into bed, I use the time of lucidity to drink a lot of water, coconut water, I just started rapidly increasing my b12

But give me some hope, did your side effects ever go away! I can't live this way, I'm going to fight, but give me some hope! There I go I'm starting to cry!
Thank you so much for being so understanding, it's hard to explain it to people who have no concept, I've lived a completely holistic life, until my traumatic accident, I suffer from brutal pain every day, and have been bedridden for so long, but between the surgeries, then I had some stem cells surgeries, but each drug I was put on gabapentin cymbalta and Lexa Pro all gave me dyskinesia. So when my new pain Dr. suggested lyrica I said let me think about it and I called Eli Lilly explaining my allergies and they said they wouldn't be any.

I'm only on three Percocets day, I have no addiction, I despise them! But my second day on lyrica I was completely pain free, I thought it was a wonder drug, I took no Percocets that day. I thought oh my God my suffering is over. But the third day became the brutal head pain and I couldn't get out of bed I think I slept for about a week, I definitely got extremely dehydrated, but I thought if I could just beat it, it would be my wonder drug, but then around the eighth day I started getting that jerks, that is dyskinesia and I knew it immediately, so I called my pain Dr., and he doesn't believe me, I don't know, but I have not had any good luck with any pain doctors, I'm hoping to move soon and I know that health care is better where I'm moving.

All right too much of a life story, the bottom line is I'm still in brutality, but I read an article today in the Times, amazing I had enough lucidity to do it, regarding uncontrolled motions and allergies to drugs, and they discussed a lot about B12, so I've already started taking amino acids and magnesium, and I'm going to take a lot of B12 for the next week or two. It said in the article you have to go to very high dosages to have the impact and then just taper back down on the B12 so that's my plan. I feel like I'm being hung out to dry no one is helping, I even asked my GP, he said I was way over his head,
you said I probably needed a neurologist but I recently saw one when I had the cymbalta dyskinesia just to be sure and there's nothing wrong in my brain. Except for what the pharmaceutical companies are making and this stupid doctors that keep putting me on these drugs. I'm done, I am no longer going to be a guinea pig, I'm going to try and do this has holistically as possible.

But when will this brutal withdrawal go away all the other ones one way in a couple of days this one just grabs onto you and no matter how many glasses of water and no matter what you eat, it just keeps going, it really breaks you down, I'm so exhausted mentally and physically. But I'm going to keep fighting!

But again if anyone has any tips or knows how to end this hell excuse my language please let me know. Thank you and bless all of you who have helped and all of you who have been through this, my heart goes out to everybody!
Glad you could tell your story to us.
It sounds like lyrica was a band aid....your body is are stressed...duh, right?
Yes, yes, the side effects that i thought were from lyrica withdrawal went away.....Nobody can say with certainty when the agony of your ordeal will subside...But more good than you will ever know has come from your just being able to express your pleas...

Med help has many specialty forums, other such help web sites exist..ask
Don't take too much b12....don't drink too much coconut milk...
No wonder cures...just calm....let your mind take you back to good times....cry if you need to when you can feel how good you once felt..
Strive for that feeling again...I thank omhome for that suggestion..
But never give up on this side!..feel great when u feel good..feel not that bad when you can!t stand to .....
I am hoping that by your reading this I can help !
And use these advices as suggestive tools..pray pray pray
That you will be able to discern and get relief.
I will be praying for your success and strength..
Your response made me cry, what kind words, I'm actually a little worse today again, every time I think I'm getting a little better it just takes back over again, I'm getting extremely despondent and none of the doctors are listening to me, when I say I'm getting extremely despondent don't worry I'm not doing anything! I have fought too hard, and I'm going to keep fighting, thank you for letting me vent, I don't have anyone to vent to, don't get me wrong I have lots of friends, but I am removed from them as after my accident I had to move in with my mother, after having a great career, so my friends aren't even seeing my condition. It is nice to get it out, but I think I'm going to have a crying day in bed, thank you for the advice, you and I think alike, I already just had coconut water, I'm limiting it to only two cans a day, and combining it with water, there's just no answer for this and they already have other disabilities, but I'm sick of being bedridden, without this drug, I would be out walking the dog, getting good exercise, I'm just furious, thank you for listening bless you!
Did you ever come out of it? I'm on my 30th day and I'm sicker than ever! It's destroying me physically and mentally, can you let me know, I can't find a Dr. to help me justify pain psychiatrist, who just reassures me, I am disabled slightly and unfortunately I have to take three Percocets a day, I would gladly give them up for more hydration, but if they only time I can get out of bed, I have to take them I take them for each meal now, to be sure I'm getting hydrated and eating, I already weigh only 100 pounds and am very weak due to my disability, I was bedridden a lot, but the times I wasn't I worked out all the time, and eating really healthy,

Someone please get back to me does it stop!! I met my wits end, I'm not couldn't do anything bad but I don't know how many more days I can take of it, it's literally tearing me apart, and again I know that Percocet is dehydrating but if the only thing that pulls me out of the haze and allows me to function for about 2 to 3 hours and gives me the strength to keep going. Let me stress, I would stop the Percocet in the second,

But if the only time I can get out of bed to drink lots of water and eat food

The woman who wrote, how brutal it was for 45 days did you come out of it? Please give me some hope anyone
Hello heart goes out to you, you have been through So much.  Please forget talking to your doctor; don't even bother anymore because unless someone has been through it, they will never understand.  All the Dr's know, is what the pharmaceutical reps have told them. I was on Gababentin (closely related to Lyrica) a couple yrs ago, and yes, the withdrawal was total hell...for 4mos, but it did finally all go away completely.  

I don't have a timeline on your meds, but if they overlapped (or not), it sounds like you are suffering from multiple withdrawal. The Gaba, Lexapro and Cymbalta all have their own horrid withdrawal, then add in the Lyrica for 30days, then stopping that abruptly, you're poor nervous system is completely overwhelmed.  I sooo understand the despondency of feeling so terrible day after day.  But each day should bring you a little bigger window of normalcy, even if it's only 10mins more than yesterday.  Celebrate ANY and all improvement!  I kept track in a journal, so on the days I felt it would never end, I was able to go back and look at my progress which helped a lot!  

And like someone above said, please don't take too much B12, it can make you nervous!  I made that mistake.  Besides the Magnesium you are already taking, get yourself some L-Theanine to go with it. This combo works wonders, I've been using it for over a month.  Valarian Root also works very well for that internal buzzing feeling. If you are able to take Advil, add that to your regimen...or a simple aspirin can help surprisingly with pain, especially headaches, many people don't know that.  Dramamine will help with the nausea.  If you have one of those gel hot/cold packs...or just a ice pack on your head will give some headache relief.  Heating pad for the aches also if you don't already use one.    

As Icannot said, you are not striving to feel perfect, just well enough to get thru another day...which is bringing you closer to the day when all this will end.  For me, it was like one day I felt awful, and the next day I was suddenly 50% better with each day bringing more improvements, that's how fast it happened.    

If you are at all able, I would encourage you to get out of bed, sit outside and breathe in some fresh air and get some sunshine...if the sun is shining where you are, that is. :)  Walk a little around your yard, whatever you are able because lying in bed lets you focus on how awful you feel...I mean, unless you are truly physically unable.  Being bedridden brings on it's own set of pain from inactivity, I'm sure I don't have to tell you that.  And crying is a wonderful stress reliever, so just go with it.  

If you're not already, eat as well as possible; fruits, vegetables, salads, this will also make you feel better and allow your body to heal.  Ensure or Boost are a good supplements, too.  Most of all, try hard to stay positive, I know that's asking a lot right now.  It has been 30days and tomorrow just might be the turning point for you! :)

Oh my God! You finally have given me some help, everyone has been so wonderful, I'm going to get the, I'm controlling the computer with my voice, it might arms that are disabled, and I'm a writer, so my body was so weak, I can't fight this withdrawal but I'm going to with your words of encouragement, I'm going to get the lthanine right away sorry for the misspelling, I can't type, I am going to keep fighting, I had a brutal day yesterday, maybe a little bit better today, I feel like I'm living hell on earth, my house was on the market, I don't live near any of my friends, now I have to stop everything! Because I can't even function it's all about my health! Thank you so much you've given me encouragement to keep going, I wasn't going to do anything anywhere, but I didn't know where to turn no one is helping me no doctors know nothing they all don't know what to do they even called Eli Lilly, obviously they have to cover for themselves! This is the last time I'm going to be a guinea pig, I curse the day I took that lyric a pill, but the second day I had no pain! I thought it was a wonder drug, but the third day all the symptoms started, I was only on for two weeks, and those two weeks were brutal but I stupidly thought that I would acclimate, I didn't realize it was my body saying you can't take this drug!

Okay I will continue my fight today! And every day, I was beginning to think the drug was sticking, but with your words of encouragement, I note that there will be an end to this hell! Thank you so much huge huge huge hugs CarpeDiem Dawn
I just cried all morning! Something is so wrong, every other drug I was allergic to I would come in out of within 2 to 3 days, this one has gone on 30 days, I'm constantly shaking, and I'm jerking in bed like spasms! I literally feel like I want to kill myself, but I'm a fighter I'm going to keep going

Did anyone else have these symptoms I'm freezing I'm jerking then I can't walk there's just so many symptoms and then not showing any signs of slowing down actually last week I felt better now I'm sick as a heck! I'm really at my wits end! Thanks for everybody's help
Hi Dawn, try to calm yourself honey.  I think you'll find when you begin to panic is when the symptoms get worse.  7hrs ago when you read of some hope, see how you felt better?  I remember when I was going through soon as I would start to focus on the sx's and feel hopeless, it all seemed to magnify.  I felt just exactly like you; like it would NEVER end, but it did, and here I am today talking to you.:)

Another thought is to ask your Dr for Clonidine.  This is a blood pressure med that will help with the sweats, anxiety and sleep.  Many, many people use this when coming off *any* drug.  I will be hopeful your dr will be open to this.  As soon as you are able to get the supplements...or someone get them for you, I think you will see a big difference, especially using Valarian Root which will calm your nerves down.  

The constant shaking/freezing is normal, you must tell yourself that. The jerking appears to be a side effect for YOU; that must be just awful.  You must be so sore and tired from it.  Try to hang on to the fact, you felt better last week.  I really don't know about dyskinsea, but you may have to go to your dr to literally show him what this has done to you.  Without the use of your arms, I can imagine going anywhere is very difficult though.

This med also sits in your fat cells, so if you're not eating enough, you begin to live off those, releasing the med into your system all over again, so very important to eat small meals throughout the day.  Don't forget the Ensure or Boost shakes.  

Hang in there Dawn.  Keep telling yourself this is not forever, and it Will end.  Big (((Hugs)))

I never heard of that is living in your fat cells, I don't think I even have any, I truly feel like I'm getting worse, I'm jerking all around, nonstop hazing I just zone out and don't even understand things or can focus! It's ripping me apart! I have to keep fighting I know the light at the end of the tunnel, I feel like I could do something, but I'm not, I have to keep fighting how many days did it take you I just don't understand why I'm getting worse my brain is literally losing it
Hi...jade had great advice about thinking positive..eating right!
How many days day at a time sweet Jesus! did take about 45 days...til I felt like a new person..It was like a breath of fresh air ... til the  eye and Tmj again a few days later hit with worse pain than ever... ..I also read it was stored in fat cells..the people on the forum were eluding to problems with weight gain....
I am going to try l
-thie girls.
When and what dr. Are you going to see next? I am watching your conversations. What was your initial diagnosis?
have you sent any of these pleas to the neurological community!
I mean, stating your accident and dyskenisias, extreme breakdown?

I would love to use dragon fly my husband uses on main computer..
This iPad is shorting out so I apologize for not writing more pearls of help....
Do not give up hope!
I saw my primary care dr today because I have having nerve pain firing in so many areas!
I need his help to approve a dr. Or group to tackle my dysthetic vulvadynia- Pedundal nerve blocks are said to help the pain..He told me to find a dr. Here and he would ok the got that accomplished..just have tovfind a specialist...on my own....but I have my trusty iPad...wish I had had this  the 18 yrs we were overseas with my husband's company...My friend from Uzbekistan has breast cancer and I can't hop on a plane to help her...
There are not many doctors there that are true specialists.for cancer?...she can't get a visa to get out of the country for proper treatment...opium flows daily in big blue trucks from Afghanistan North..yet an 8 yr old boy had only Motrin to take for his cancer!....UNREAL!
I would only be able to hold her hand as she doesn't speak much English but
She loves to sing our favorite song..Hotel California

  We are listening to you and trying to help....feel our concern..
Get on chronic pain couch group.and read dalubaba's suggestions on handling pain....
I hope my rambling has helped you forget for a few minutes, your misery...
It was not to hinder you with problems of others..Or Lordy, myself!
What will be will be .....was my mother's favorite song...she would iron clothes for 15 cents a a dollar a coffee can full of walnut meat she sat on cold concrete steps to pick...

what is your favorite song? What type of writing did you do?
We live in a great country that is not cursed for expressing our thoughts, allows forums like this to exist..
jade...thank you for helping!
I meant, we are not punished for expressing our thoughts, doctors don't pay for medical degrees..I pray!
Blessings again..
This goes out to everyone, in the past 24 hours of finally feeling a change, I've been drinking so much water, I'm still in a bit of a haze, I will thank you properly person who told me to not overdo coconut water or B12, I just switched to loads of water, unfortunately the Dramamine didn't work for me, it increased my heartbeat, I'm just in a weakened state you have to understand I have been bedridden on and off for five years, mainly bedridden, and have lost so much weight I was down to 95 pounds when I was put only lyrica I'm just highly allergic to everything.

I am a writer, at some point I'm going to write a book on my experience am going to stay in contact with everybody because I want everyone to know that there's hope I have hope today, I know it's not over my body shaking, I'm just praying for no setbacks, I have had them. And then they make me more despondent, you really do just have to hang in.

I'm disabled I'm just sick of the medical community and the pharmaceutical community, no one wants to take responsibility anymore, I was above every Dr.'s head, and every time I've called Eli Lilly regarding the side effects they acted like nothing was happening.

I have a call into the FDA, I am seriously considering a lawsuit, I am not the type of person that sues, I have to think about it because I don't know if I can handle the stress, but as I keep telling everyone I'm a fighter! I just love you all! I'm going to continue my battle today lots of water, and I am walking the dog for the first time today! I'm single, and I had to move in with my mother it's not right! I went from riches to rags from the medical and pharmaceutical companies. I have spent so much money just on this lyric withdrawal, trying all different sorts of concoctions! It just infuriates me!
Having a few windows of feeling better is great!
I have to get some sleep,,2:53am here so am going to sleep! ..I hope..but just wanted to check to see if u are ok..
This thing is a beast! I'm in and out I'm in, I felt so good last night, now it's all going back downhill again. Oh my God, I'm calling the FDA and I may sue Eli Lilly, I called them first and told him of all my allergies, but they don't care they just want to sell! Hugs to everybody thanks for your wishes hope everyone gets there rest!
No, no, it's not going back downhill, this is NORMAL, and how it works.  Try not to feel discouraged; just keep telling yourself this is 'normal'.  It also has to do with when you took the meds.  If you took them during the day, that is when your body is expecting them, so you will feel worse at those times...the dosing times.  Just that you are having some good hours is wonderful...and a huge improvement.  EXPECT some setbacks, that way you will not be surprised.  That mindset is what got me through the Gaba withdrawal.  *Everyone* who goes through withdrawal, no matter the drug, has good moments/days, then maybe some bad, but eventually the bad days will become less and less.  

You are doing great!!!  Keep hanging in there!  (((Hugs)))
Oh my God thank you so much, the only person that understands Ismay pain psychiatrist and there's nothing he can do. I actually called him last night and told him I didn't know if I could go on anymore he convinced me, I own my life to all of you and to him and to Jade59 thank you for letting me know that those good days and bad days, I thought I was getting sicker, it's weird it's used to be I was getting better than I was getting sick again and worse and more despondent, and now it's switched I feel better in the evening where I used to feel better in the morning.

It's just a beast!

My heart and my prayers to everybody we will come out of this and we will be fine! On to drink some water, I powered down with lots of water while I am lucid!
Hi :)...just a little bit of understanding how all this works really does help, doesn't it.  Although when you're in the thick of it, it's easy to forget everything you've learned.  Let me share with you, my last 24hrs, but first some background.  I quit smoking Jan1st, then quit both Norco and Soma nearly 40days ago, and while I have good days now for the most part, I have not the last 24hrs.  No sleep the last few nights with last night the worst; my heart racing again, aching all over, that awful internal buzzing, and even though I KNOW what is happening, still I found myself just a few mins ago in tears and wondering 'what IS this', and feeling just so despondent like it will never, ever end.  I had to talk myself through it, then thought I would post to you.  

See, some of it is our thoughts.  You will find when you let yourself get upset and lose control of your thoughts, it truly will make you feel worse.  As soon as I began to deep breathe and stop THINKING about what was happening and started to type, I could feel myself calming down some.  Another reason this is happening now is we don't have a lot of food in the house.  Like I said earlier, when you don't eat enough, you begin to live off your fat cell with those cells releasing the toxins built up within, which will Always make one feel worse.  I ran out of Ensure a few wks ago, so that's on the list to get, as well as food.  So do your best to eat small meals throughout the day; very important.  And walk your dog when you can; force yourself.  I do realize how frail you are; I am in very poor physical condition myself, so often I have to not Think, just DO.    

Another suggestion is to read the addiction forum.  You don't have to be an addict to gain the benefit of reading the tips on how to cope, as well as reading how others are coping going through the same thing you are.  If anything, it helps to not feel so alone in it.  

And not *too* much water.  You'll flush out your meds, and any nutrients you're managing to get into yourself.  I really encourage you to get either that Ensure or Boost if you haven't already.  Water is Great, but you need a variety.  
Wow! Now I've been drinking tons of water, I'm so confused, I can't get out of the haze,

But to everyone out there let me understand nobody is getting what I have which is also on top of this dyskinesia, I've gotten it three other times from gabapentin Lexa Pro and cymbalta, each time I stopped the drug that dyskinesia went away within two days.

Now I was given lyrica, I was only on it for two weeks and that dyskinesia started that's why I stopped the drug although it was a brutal drug from the start but I did have one day pain free so I thought it might be the wonder drug so I thought to acclimate.

My bigger issue now is that I have dyskinesia no one else had this from the withdrawal.

Dyskinesia is when you have uncontrolled motions your body flails almost like an epileptic seizure, and you make noises and your head jerks around.

This has become my greatest concern, my understanding is the more times you're exposed to dyskinesia the more it might stick in your body and never go away, so my stress is getting higher,

I appreciate your comments and that's what I've done with calming down, my mother kept inviting people over, we was posted have an open house on Tuesday meaning I would have to leave the house I can't even leave the house to walk the dog although I have two or three times and it's been brutal. My mother won't listen to me so I finally had to sit her down today and say we have to stop the open house I cannot leave the house for four hours!

Okay I'm getting off topic I'm really curious to hear from everyone did any of your withdrawals from lyrica involve uncontrolled motions? Please answer thank you best to all of you I'm so glad we'll have each other to talk to
Holy crap! I'm down to 95 pounds, I was at 105 last week, I normally weigh about 120!

I'm eating all healthy how the heck do I get fat on and you have to remember I'm on Percocet, I usually avoid that due to constipation! But actually I'm doing magnesium drinks which are helping maybe I should start eating red meat, sometimes I'm so cold my mother keeps saying have ice cream I think it would just shoot me through my all entire body I can't have anything cold.

So once again, if anyone can help me out and let me know if they had dyskinesia, if my dyskinesia doesn't go away because I've been exposed so many times I think I have to see a neurologist which I will

But how do I put fat on I've been eating bananas, eggs, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches even cheese doodles I'm extremely holistic, but I am addicted to cheese doodles! i eat nuts i.e. Greek yogurt but I find the ones with lots of fat, very hard to find by the way.

I feel like each day is a new battle any suggestions would be appreciated!

Hugs to all we will all make it! And once again be better for it for some reason!
Hi, how have you been since your last post?
I hope better!
I have been sick with a gastritis problem...and other pains..
I ended up in hospital because I saw a neurologist for the trigeminal pain that comes and goes..she put me on another med for seizures..
I took the time release form for 4 days then I was having MRI and walking  and collapsed with no reason.
.I couldn't stand without help, etc.....dr office told me to stop the med...then within -a day... ended up in hospital as I had a bad reaction...almost cataplexy..stoned my doctor said..from the med I had been on...
And another nerve pain area..pelvic floor..took me down with more pain meds for awhile and I am just getting back up and around...
My primary care thinks I also have severe gastritis...wants to do endoscope of stomach but I said no, lets try meds
..I am taking omperazole and famotidine...I did feel better for 2 days
But now I don't know..
After all that,
I had radiofrequency ablation of lumbar nerves on left side of my spine and it has been 4 weeks ..still waiting for it to relieve pain left side of abdomen in coeliac has reduced pain but then pain flares and I cannot tell if it is in stomach or beside stomach......
Anyway, that is why I have been not writing..or getting out or anything...have gone down on pain meds even more ..( my pain dr. is seeing me every 2 weeks and he hasn't done that in 13 yrs)!
and  decreasing opiates that takes time and another reason I have felt bad.....and it is i who insists on going down as low as i can..i want to take them on an as needed basis....sooooooo
I want you to know that I did feel better 45 days last fall when I went off lyrica.......
I re-read your posts and, I was not aware that Percocet dehydrated a person...what pain meds are you on mentioned headaches?
Jade gave you great advice and please do not feel I dropped you!
Any help from other forums?
I so appreciate your comments because I am also going off Lyrica after five years! I am so sick, sick, sick! Scared to death, I feel like I am dying!
Your comments have helped me as I can relate to all that you wrote.
My question to you is did you ever get better? It's three weeks for me
Now and I went from 300 mg of Lyrica a day to 50 mg. Should I just not
Take any more?  How in the heck do you handle it?
This is the worst thing I have ever experienced as it never ends!
I am so grateful you wrote this about Lyrica, it's what I am going through
Withdrawals BAD for almost a month. never been so sick it's down right scary. Your message has calmed me down to know this is as BAD as I think! LOL
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