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narcotic refills
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narcotic refills

Does anyone fill guilty or awchward to have to ask your Dr. for your refills.I hate it everytimeI don't know what else I can do so I don't feel like a fool.
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Let me start with an important fact: I'm NOT a doctor; I'm a 28 year old, married claims adjuster from the mid-west.  I do, however, have an opinion on this subject.  I have pancreatic divisum, which presented itself when I was 17 years old through a severe attack of acute pancreatitis.  Since then, I have been hospitalized about 30 times, had my gallbladder removed, had numerous ERCP's and sphincterotemies, and have started to develop scar tissue on my pancreas (which turns the acute attacks into chronic pancreatitis.)  

It is very painful, and very disruptive to my life.  (For example, I got my B.S. in aeronautics, but I wasn't even allowed a 3rd class medical for my private pilot's lisence.)During an acute attack, which can happen as often as every few weeks, or as rarely as every few months, the pain is what determines whether or not I admit myself to the hospital.  I would not be able to deal with an acute attack (while functioning in my job) without strong narcotic medication.  In addition, I use some narcotic medication for the chronic pain (but I try to keep that to a minimum...  use things like tramadol instead of oxycodone.)

Here is my advise regarding your question.  Only you can determine your level of pain.  If you are in pain, and feel that non-narcotic medications cannot manage it, you should not feel "like a fool" talking to your doctor, and asking for refills.  If you have a doctor that makes you feel this way, maybe you should consider finding another doctor.  

That being said, there are severe addiction risks with using narcotic medication.  If this is what is worrying you, again I say: talk to your doctor.  Be honest, express your concerns, but never feel embarrassed to tell the truth or ask for what you need.  Remember, doctors are on our side.  They don't want you to be in pain, they want to help.  That's kinda what they signed up for, right...?  If your doctor is concerned with the quantity or frequency of your use, they'll tell you.
Hi Mudgett,

I am sorry you have difficultly requesting refills on your pain medication. I use to feel that way until I was comfortable with my PCP.  Indeed I would put off asking for the refill as long as possible. I was afraid to be labeled. It has taken me years to be properly diagnosed and she was finally the one who accomplished that difficult task.

One day after months of feeling like you do I actually broke down in tears in my PCP and told her how I felt. I told her a lot of thing about how past physicians had treated me because they couldn't find a reason for my pain. I told her everything. My PCP put her hand on my shoulder and told me I had real, true pain. She said I should never go without pain medication or be afraid to ask for a refill. She added that the reason she was not putting a refill on my pain meds was because she thought I might require a refill sooner than a date she would select.

Needless to say I am no longer shy about requesting my refills. So I suggest you have a similar conversation with your prescribing physician. He/she may not react the way my PCP did but you may be surprised that he will respond just as positive. And either way at least you will know where you stand. And if your physician expresses concern or is not supportive than I agree with Vicky, it may be time to find a new physician.

Best of luck to you. Please let us know how you are doing. I will look forward to your next post. And as always, Take care, Tuck
i am lucky too, i have a great pain mangement dr.. when i have an appointment he ask me if i need anything or are the meds i am taking are they working the way they should. i told him last time i was there that they werent working as well , so he added a timed release med along with my other narcotic pain med for breakthrough pain.. so find a dr you are comfortable with and that will make your experience so much eaier i beleive
I think just about everyone has a had time asking forrefills the first few times.
But if you have a legitiment resean for the meds there should be no prob.
If therre is your Dr will send you to the Pain Clinic or talk with the Drs. at the Clinic.
The meds are made for ppl like us who have severe chronic pain.And we have a RIGHT TO THEM!!!! So put on your confident face and go foreward,even if you have to fake it.
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