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other sufferers w/breakthrough back pain
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other sufferers w/breakthrough back pain

I am experiencing severe break through back pain,It justs flares up on me and it is getting worse than the" persistent pain"I've had 3 back surgeries w/fusion.Steroid injections into the spine and a host of other procedures and tests.
I have a pain pump now w/ fentanyl and was prescribed dilaudid for Breakthrough pain which doesn't help I tried the fentanyl lollipops but my PM Dr seems hesistant to give them to me.I would like to hear from persons who have or is going through this agony!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Hi Mikeyd

          I've been going through alot of breakthrough pain lately. My PM DR doesnt feel comfotable giving my breakthrough medication for more than my cycle every month so I've had to try to cope with it on my own.
I know it is not easy. I end up taking alot of hot baths and using my heating pad. I also use alot of compresses soaked with chamomile because chamomile is an ani inflamatory and inti spasm. I have about 4 cups a day of the tea.

You always have the option of going to the ER if it gets too bad and you cant tolerate it. Breakthrough pain can get very severe and sometimes needs to be knowcked down by a professional so it can be contolled by the short acting medication.
Thats usually what happens. The pain starts rising and risisng and by the time your able to take something, the pain has gotten too out of control and high and the medication isnt able to knock in down enough to gain control over it.
Sort of like a rollar coaster effect.

If you would like any new ideas of things you can try at home like hot or cold compresses please let me know.
But besides things like that all you can do is be honest with your DR about what is ans isnt working. And remember there is always emergency help if the pain gets so bad it starts to effect your well being.

I know exactly how you feel right now, unfortnitly. I hope you can get the pain under control or the DR is able to help you out in some way.

Your on a relative high dose now so the DR will be hesitant to keep prescribing more and more and this is the reason. When we take our medications as prescribed daily we build up a tolerance, I suspect this is why your on the pump now so when we reach a certain point there really is nothing left but to detox and start over and trust me you want to put that off as long as possible or never have to do it. We are in pain every day and we have to learn ways to deal with it other than meds so we will have a stronger option when needed. Your getting to the top of the list now so while I know and your PM too that your in pain the options are beginning to dwindle everytime you up your dose. I know this is awful but even with all the new medications being developed everyday for pain at some point we have to start over to get relief. If your pain is so bad that your unable to handle it now maybe you should discuss this with your PM. The detox is usually done in a hospital and they give you meds to help but when it is over and you can begin to get relief again it will be worth it. I seen this one Dr who does detox while your asleep now I would have to find more info as it has been awhile but he puts you to sleep the whole time your detoxing so it is not uncomfortable. I think his procedure last three days starting out with you fully asleep and gradually bring you out and then it is over. I had not thought about this in a long while. I will look into it and re post later.
I really hope you find the relief you need just keep in mind I really think the DR (PM) has your best interest in mind when he is reluctant to keep prescribing more and higher dose of meds.
Good luck and feel better soon:)
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