pain in left butt cheek going down left leg
by liz9759, Sep 15, 2011
pain in left butt cheek going down left leg
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by Tuckamore, Sep 15, 2011
Hi Liz,

Welcome to the Pain Management Forum. I wish you could provide additional information such as how long has this been going on? Can you tell us what makes it worse and what makes it better? Have you consulted a Physician? What was their thoughts?

That said, in my opinion the pain you are experiencing is called Sciatica. Sciatica is a SX (symptom) not a DX (Diagnosis). It can be a SX of several conditions. Generally it is associated with several lower spinal issues. This pain occurs when your Sciatic Nerve is entrapped, compressed, inflamed or irritated.  

It can also come from a Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction (SIJD). This can be difficult to DX and is often over-looked. I encourage you to consult with your PCP. He/she may begin with an x-ray but more detailed imaging may be required.

Please feel free to offer additional information. It will be helpful and we'll look forward to hearing from you again soon.

Take Care,
by NeedH, Feb 23, 2013
I have severe pain in my left butt cheek, sometimes when I sit a certain way I can feel it come up to the left side of my stomach. It occurs a lot when am sitting or when am lying down. It feels like a pench nerve that runs down the back of my left leg. The pain gets so back where it hurts if I try to lay on my right side or left side.  What would cause these type pains?
by TheMadMan, Feb 23, 2013
Read up on piriformis syndrome and see if those are the symptoms. Then find a doctor who KNOW WHAT THIS IS AND HOW TO TREAT IT. This piriformis syndrome is a new thing to the medical community but not many doctors know how to treat it. I had the syndrome and the pain that went with it. Steroid injections were a temporary relief along with nerve blocks but still had pain. I got a Botox injection to the piriformis muscle and it made the world of difference to the pain. Read up on this and find someone who knows what they are doing. The more you learn about your condition, the more you can educate a doctor.
by TheMadMan, Feb 23, 2013
I know the feeling. I have had some of the same symptoms for years! One doctor talked about this small piriformis muscle and syndrome and I learned a lot of how it affected my condition. AFTER MANY A DOCTOR AND TREATMENTS, the Botox injection helped calm this piriformis muscle syndrome. Read up on it and see if it applies to your area of pain. Then read up on the latest treatments and what pain management doctors are now learning. It is about time, doctors learn a little more from the patients that need treatment.