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pain management clinics in IL, WI or IN that accept cash and no previou...
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pain management clinics in IL, WI or IN that accept cash and no previous records

I am looking for a pain management clinic either in IL WI or IN that accepts only cash and doesn't require records
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I honestly do not think you will find such a doctor and if you did it would be one that you would not want to leave your health care to. These kinds of doctors are only in business for the money and just tend to write prescriptions that you may or may not need.
These are the kinds of doctors you want to stay away from. A competent doctor will require records and although some do accept cash most accept insurance and only accept cash Pt's when they have no insurance.
May I ask why your seeking a PM doctor?
Your post may come across in a way that insinuates that your just looking for a Dr feel good.
perhaps you could tell us a little about your pain and what is causing it if you have a diagnosis.
I am not saying your just out to find medications I just want you to be aware of how your post comes across.
We look forward to getting to know you and helping you any way we can. We have a wonderful community here and a lot of great members that can answer any questions you may have and offer support:)
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Hi Dar,

Welcome to the Pain Mangement Forum.

I know nothing about why you would be looking for a PMP that would consider treating you without records. And I won't venture a guess. You did not ask about prescriptions so again I will not assume that you are looking for narcotics. We are not here to judge you or guess why you have posted.

I live in WI and there are no PMP that will see you without a referral and records to back up the reason for the referral. In WI it is the PCP that manages their Chronic Pain Patients. PMP in my state only provide treatment, evaluations and suggestions. They may even do a POC (plan of care). At least this is the facts as I know them.

If you could provide us with more information we may be able to offer you more suggestions. Why are you concerned that your medical record not follow you?  If you feel their is an error in your records often they can be corrected, or at least you can have your say in the record.

I hope you will be more specific with your request for information. I will look forward to hearing from you. Best of luck and take care.

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well i see my response was deleted...sorry if i offended the powers that be, i was only speaking the truth. Let me try again in shorter, more simpler terms. Please, check out the Addiction/Substance Abuse forum here. It is a wonderful place, with tons of people fighting addiction. We can help you there.
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