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pain on the right side of my body, neck, head, ear, jaw,shoulder
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pain on the right side of my body, neck, head, ear, jaw,shoulder

I am woman 36 yrs. I got symptoms like anxiety, sweeting, pain in my right arm, the lower right side of stomach, righ lower jaw, constant headache of the back right side, right ear and now even my right leg.

i am from doctor to doctor and no one yet can know my disease !!!

i had the CT scan for the brain and already saw an ET specialist and all results were clear. i had my 3 root canals done but they still in pain, therefore my dentist reffered me to what i think is an oral medicine specialist whic i will have a slices exray for my head.

i am in constant pain ..
I live in melbourne-australia. If you come up with anything please contact me or call me on ******.

thank you for your support

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I was just wondering if you had any test on you heart done.
I am not a Dr and am only asking because some of the symptoms you name are in line with heart complications.
I suggest you try and find a Dr who will stick it out with you until you find out what is going on.
Tell the Dr you have been to several Dr's and have not received a diagnosis and provide those records so he will not have to preform the same test again. Tell him/her that you need a Dr who would be willing to work with you until you can get some relief and find out what the problem is. In my experience this provides the Dr with a challenge and the Dr will do everything they can to help you.

Good luck
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I agree with sandee.
All the symptoms, jaw pain, ear pain, abdominal pain and anxiety and sweating can indicate a problem with the heart. Womens symptoms are different than mens for these types of problems.
Just get it checked out by a cardiologist as soon as possible.
If everything is fine, then at least you know that and can knock it off of the possibility list.

You may want to post your question in the nuerology forum also as they have alot of experience there with your symptoms.
ralways welcome here and we would really love to help you out as much a possibe.  Especially because your in pain. You just may get some ideas that we may not think of here.

I hope we have helped you a bit and you'll see a DR who can just make sure your heart is fine.:)

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