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pharmacist relationships
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pharmacist relationships

In light of what has happened to Bree, someone mentioned something that is very important, especially for CP patients.

Developing a good relationship with tour pharmacist.

Since my own CP journey began, I've made it a point to get the " counseling " even if I understand my medications very well. Every time.  I  go to a CVS, but its a smaller one.  I make a point of introduing myself, and telling them briefly what's going on.  I pay attention to their name tag, and use their name when thanking them for talking to me.  
They all know me by sight now, and never fail to be helpful.

This won't help in every instance, but it can't hurt.  Pharmacists shouldn't hold us hostage, but its much easier to refuse someone who you don't know.

Just thought it was a point that should be remarked upon.

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Great advice! I use a community pharmacy for the individual service... they are great and help me out with the cost of the medicine b/c I pay cash for my meds.  
I am glad that you have made a point to have such a good relationship with your Pharmacy, it does help alot.
I have had more problems here in this part of Florida than anywhere. When I resided in a small town in Alabama ( I know I hated it:) ) I never once had a problem. Even if they were short on a controlled drug they would just call me when they got more in. That is unheard of here. I had the same great service in Pensacola when I lived there. The Pharmacy has been our families provider for years and years and they would even front you a few if your appointment was cancelled or something of the sort. I have a good idea why this is happening. The people who come here for the pill mills and those who try and one up the Pharmacist with fraudulent scripts but we should not all have to pay.
I even had my Pharmacy that I have been using for more than five years tell me last month they did not fill the controlled drug prescriptions! It was a new tech and I straightened it out but this just tells me how bad it has gotten.
I have dealt with some real crazies when it comes to Pharmacist. I had one even take my paper prescription and refuse to return it. I had to call the police to get it back!
I do not want to group them all together as there are some great ones just as there are good and bad in anything there are are good pharmacist and the really bad ones.
It is sad we have to deal with this but it is just one more thing because of those who do abuse the system!
I was thinking about this today.  I am going to make a point to build a relationship with one of the kind Walgreens that I've had to use this month.  Before I moved to this side of FL in Dec of last year, I had a great pharmacist at the Walgreens that I always used and he would always explain things to me about my meds and if I was having a problem he would do whatever he could to help.  
I have been using the Walgreens that is literally 500 yards from my front door for everything except the oxycodone that I have been on since Feb of this year.  At first they told me they didn't have it and didn't know when they would get it.  Now I know this is a crock, but it's also been one unfriendly tech who has always told me that and I have never asked the friendly pharmacist.  I may go in and talk to them to see about next month as they are the closest.  At first the oxycodone was only under $150 a month and it was just easier to get it filled at the doctor's office than to go driving all over creation to have it filled and paid by ins.  Now the price has gotten outrageous and it's just not an option to take the easy way out.  
I'm hoping to build a good relationship with at least one of these pharmacies to make sure things will go smoothly next month.  This is a great topic because I would never had thought it would be so hard to get a pharmacy to fill a legitimate paper prescription.
And like Sandee said, I think FL must be a whole 'nother animal as far as these doctors and pharmacies.  I've never even heard of a pharmacist taking your paper script and not giving it back, but in FL it's absolutely believable.
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