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really need a doctor have been this way for the past two months and hav...
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really need a doctor have been this way for the past two months and have a small child that really needs my hands working properly.

i have a fractured thumb and presently on medicaly needy and need a doctor in fwb fl please help me. I have a four year old type 1 diabetic child that i need to administer meds to with a hurting thumb need help.
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Hi and welcome to the Pain Management forum.  The group here is made up of chronic pain patients that help support each other, but there are no doctors on this forum.

I'm a little unsure about what exactly you're looking for help with.  It's usually easier to help people if we know a little more about what's going on.

You say you have a fractured thumb.  I'm guessing you already saw a doctor about this and most likely had an x-ray, is that right?  How long ago did  you fracture your thumb?  What was the treatment plan from your doctor?  Are you still having a lot of pain?  How much is your thumb hindering your ability to use your hand?

I can certainly empathize with how hard it is to do anything without proper use of your thumbs!  All the bones in my hand in the area of the thumb had fractured and broken apart from arthritis.  I went for a long time having bad pain but not realizing there were actual fractures.  Both of my hands are very painful and hard to use due to the pain and loss of function of my thumbs, though my left one is worse.

I guess if they expect you to make a full recovery, you just need to wait it out while it heals.  If they think you'll have chronic trouble with it, then you probably need to do a little more.

Are you taking any medication for the pain?  Talk with your doctor about it.  If there's no reason for you to not take ibuprofen, it is helpful with not just some of the pain but also inflammation.  It can also help any other medications work a bit better and/or a bit longer.  But, again, talk to your doctor as we all need to check before taking any medication, even OTC ones.

You may also want to ask your doctor about splinting your thumb, if it isn't already.  Keeping it stabilized can help the pain, though it can be a bit awkward.  There are also OTC creams that could help, and you could also ask your doctor about some prescription gels/creams that can help.  I use 2 prescription gels/creams and they do give me some relief.  I also use the Lidoderm patch, also a prescription, that I cut to fit my thumb.  Again, it gives me a little relief.

Without use of your thumbs, any and all normal activities can be really hard.  If this is going to be something chronic, you might also want to ask about seeing an occupational therapist.  They very often can show you ways to do things differently.

I hope this helps a little.  If you give us some more information, there may be other things that can be suggested.
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