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severe pain

Hi all! I am 46 year old female I suffered a i guess it was a heart attack on may 19th 2007 the next day they did a heart cath why they didn't do the stent that day i don't know but the 2nd time they did the heart cath they placed 1 stent in my right rca and at the end of july i had to have another heart cath to replace the first one on this surgery this doctor that did this one wasn't my regular doctor he was a fill in for my regular doctor. But on this surgery during the surgery i felt every thing even though i was suppose to be asleep. When they took me to the recovery room the nurse ask me how i was feeling i told her my heart was burning i guess she thought i was saying that i had heartburn but thats not what i said my heart was on fire then the next thing i knew this big woman was putting all her weight on my groin because i was having a major bleed out it took about an half an hour to get it to stop. they took me to the floor and the nurse called that doctor to let him know that i was in a lot of pain but he wouldn't give her permission to give me any pain relief so as the night went on she finally called another a doctor to get me one pain shot which this doctor okd her to give me one then the next morning this doctor came in and he was mad that the nurse called another doctor to get me a pain shot so he was suppose to be checking my surgery site but he was n't just checking it he was punching me in the site to the point that my visiter told him to take his hands off of me that he had no right to be treating that way and this doctor said well you have 2 choices you can either sign yourself out against my wishes or you can let me do another cath on you by then i was in tears but my friend said if she want's to check out because of the way you are treating her she has that right and she doesn't need another heart cath and he said what you want another doctor and i said yes that he wasn't going to ever touch me again so the nurse called the head of the hospital and they removed this doctor from my case an appointed me a new doctor that before he could do anything he had to first get my pain under control and he ordered all kinds of dopplers and ct scans to see if i had any blood clots from the bleed out but i had been feeling sick all night and day finally i told the nurse that i was going to be sick so she gave a pan and i did get sick while i was waiting for her to take the pan i noticed something in my vomit i said whats that my friend took it and looked at it and she said it look like a plastic covering from one of the instruments or tubing the nurse took it and flushed it quickly. but i haven't been right ever since. I have been in severe pain in my right groin and i have so much pain & pressure in my arteries to the point that it feels like my head is going to explode off my body and i can't move any air i was diagnosed with copd i have meds for it and i take it but when i am having this pain and pressure it doesn't help i take my rescue inhaler but it doesn't help i take my nitro and after 2 or 3 it does help. I have had attacks where my heart was beating 280bpm and they called codes on me. i kept going back to this hospital and they kept telling me that it wasn't my heart and they would just treat me with morphine they would load me up on that stuff and send me home then i would go through bouts of withdrawls so my friend finally talked me into going to another hospital they admitted me and i was in surgery the next day this new doctor told me that they place this medicaided stent but didn't open it but i have had nothing but trouble and i have had 8 heart caths within 2 years on 2 of them i died and had to be brought back i also had another major bleed out. i keep asking the doctors if i could have major scar tissue build up from having so many caths done because i have a huge knot on my femoral artery. my gp thought that maybe they damaged a nerve so he sent me to have a femoral nerve block done but it didn't help so they thought they didn't go high enough so they redid the nerve block on monday and they also did trigger point injections which hasn't helped any the only thing they did was turn me black and blue from trying to start an iv because i had to go to the surgery room for these blocks because it's right on my femoral artery. This doctor said he didn't think it was going to help me any.But i hurt any where you can get a pulse my chest into my neck and jaw my wrist,tops of my feet i am in dresperate need of some help and some ansewers. they did use an angio seal i don't know if this makes any difference or not but has anyone else had this bad of a time after having heart caths. i have cad and heritary high cholesterol which is under control i am on a lot of meds for this and will be the rest of my life. My other siblings have had heart attacks and 1 brother had 4 stents and went back to work a week later and my youngest had 2 stents and he went back a month later but i am unable to return to work i am at my ends witts i am feeling over whelmed and depressed there are times i have thought about putting myself out of this misery but i don't want to die i just out of this constant pain & pressure that i am in . I welcome any comments or suggestions or if you have suffered the same symptoms that i am please share. Thank you so much for listening Have a blessed day. Sincerly;Redeena
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Hi Redenna,

Welcome to the Pain Mangement Forum. You have certainly been through a lot and my heart goes out to you.

Although we are the Pain Management Community I am not sure that given your extensive cardiac history we will have a lot of information or suggestions for you. Your pain and pressure may very well need further medical investigations. Are you confident that the cardiologists and other specialists have been extensive in their search for the etiology of your symptoms? If not than please consult with additional medical professionals.

Have they considered a condition called Vasculitis or Rheumatoid Vasculitis? Vasculitis is a condition of blood vessel inflammation. Blood vessels include the veins, arteries, capillaries and their branches that make up the circulatory system . The is just a thought because of the way you describe the pain at every location that you have a pulse. There are so many conditions that could cause your pain that may not be related to your cardiac disease at all. But again we are the PM Forum and maybe not the best forum suited for you.    

We do know about CP (chronic pain) and the struggle every day can bring when you are suffering with CP. Yours seem to be ill managed and uncontrolled. You are still a young woman to be living with this all encompassing pain. Have you been to a PMP? If there are no other solutions to your pain than I highly recommend that you see one. In my state PMP do not follow and treat CP patients. They do evaluations and offer suggestions for pain treatment but it ends there. Our PCP follow and prescribe pain management medications. Which ever physician would be responsible for PM I suggest that you set up a consult with him/her. There are medications available to you that can reduce your pain and improve your mood.

I have been where you are, frustrated and depressed with the pain that controlled my daily living. A compassionate and astute PCP, a D.O. diagnosed my painful condition and treats me. I now care if tomorrow comes instead of wondering how I could face another day of agony. Talk to your PCP and request medications to control your pain if they are unable to find other successful treatments. If your PCP is unable to or unwilling to help you with your pain request a referral to a PMP.

I would also consider posting in one of our heart forums. I know we have several. Click on the forum option above and you will find them listed in alphabetical order. Please let us know how you are doing. I will look forward to your updates. You are always welcome here. We will do our best to support you. Please consider becoming an active member of our community and any others you find helpful. Best of luck to you.

Take Care,
HI Tuck! how are you thank you for your input i will look up this vasculitis and see what all the symptoms are and i will dicuss this with my gp because i think that my cardilogist is afraid to touch me because i died on him twice he told me i was the second person to die on him. I am new to this what does all the abreivations stand for like d.o pmp,pcp. How do you join this community all i see is watch this discussion?.
I have been asking all the doctors all kinds of questions and none of them could tell me anything i have asked my heart doc and he kept telling me that it was nerve damage but i have been to a pain management doctor that's who done both my nerve blocks and even he said he didn't think the nerve blocks would help me. my gp has put me on pain meds we tried vicodin,morphine which helped but i couldn't take it because it made me not be able to urinate so now i am on perocet it kind of helps it takes the edge off for about an hour or two but thats all then i am in pain until i can take another 2 which equals to a perocect 10. but i sure do appreciate your input i will do some checking on this and talk to my gp which i just started seeing him i was with this last doctor for 45 years but this doctor didn't do anything for me its like he was just there to make his pay check so i found a new doctor and he is trying to help me. But once again thank you and i hope you have a great day and that you stay healthy and safe. Have a blessed day! Sincerly;Redeena
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