sharp pain behind right ear
by buttercup710, Oct 16, 2007
I have a sharp quick, pulsating pain behind my ear. It will last for a few seconds, several times within a 5 minute period. It comes maybe once a month or less. The pain is intense but goes away quickley. I have experinced this since I was a child. Should I be concerned
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by DTB2008, Oct 16, 2007
Yes. I would be concerned. This could very well be a blood clot, tumor, or brain lesion. Or it could be something as simple as a tension headache or high blood pressure could cause the pain. When I expeeienced a pain similar to this and when I went to the doctor they told me that it was so much stress on my eyes causing tension headache causing the weird pain. Have you been to the doctor about this? And have you noticed anything that might trigger the pain? My grandma had headaches behind her ear, when she went to the doctor, they ordered a sonogram and  saw that one of her arteries was clogged {blood clot} so they put her on blood thinner and it went away.  Another thing I like to use with online as far as trying to diagnosing problems is they have a symptom checker on there that I have found to be quite helpful. Hope this helps. Good luck and keeps up posted.
by RSDS_Pain, Oct 17, 2007
Could it be the type of headache known as icepick? A quick sharp stabbing pain that lasts only a few seconds.

Or maybe you are experiencing TIAs Transiant Ischemic Attacks, which are mini strokes that can lead up to a big stroke, possibly fatal.
by Alwaysinwonder, Feb 17, 2008
I have had the same pain you are talking about since I was a child also.  I have tried to ask a doctor about it, and told my family about the pain for years, but no one knows what it is or what to tell me.  I was wondering if you were able to get any information on your condition or find anything about it.  Please let me know if you have found anything out.  My email is ***@****.

Thank you.
by carol7676, Jun 10, 2010
WOW  Oh my God ,, I have the same ice pick pain behind my left ear,, it comes and goes for weeks or months,, Dr said it was TMJ but it is not.. i feel it most with it is about to rain, does that make any sense to you.

by jamlws, Jun 10, 2010
I would get it checked by a doctor so you can see what is going on. If you have been living with this pain for so long you have to see what is going on with it. It coudl be a simple headache or something worse.
Best of luck to you
by solobiz, Jul 06, 2010
I too have had this severe pain behind my right ear. I've had it off and on since I was a child. Mine seems to flare up when it gets hot so I'm wondering if it's related to changes in air pressure. I was concerned about it several years ago and went and got an MRI. Nothing conclusive was found so I'm hoping that it's just something that's weather/pressure related. I'm 48 and in good health overall. I exercise and try to watch salt intake. If there are several of us who have had this ice pick type of pain (a great way to describe it by the way, I never heard that until I read this post) then maybe it's just one of those things we have to put up with from time to time.
by waterboy526, Aug 10, 2010
Weird, because I have the exact same thing as well.  It's probably and inch or two below the ear (the one I have now), but I have had it directly behind the ear as well.  I think overall I am in good health.  I'm 33 and I have had it for many years as well.  It just started again today, but I haven't had it in several months if not longer.  I think it's related to stress somehow, although I don't know for sure.  I've been under stress at work lately and I've been traveling and have had to be away from my wife and child a lot over the last month.  I think next time I have a physical I might mention it, although I could forget if I haven't had it in a while.  Guess it's time to schedule a physical?
by JadedSweetheart, Aug 10, 2010
A physical probably wouldn't hurt.  I have experienced that sort of pain, but only a few times in my life.  I did previously have high-blood pressure and I wonder if it's related.  I have no idea.  Best thing to do is to see your doctor about it.
I hope you find out what it is!
by smallpenis4inches, Sep 24, 2010
I have the same sharp pain behind the lower part of my right ear. Several doctors did not know what is causing this pain.