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stiff painful feet and ankles when i get up from sitting or sleeping
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stiff painful feet and ankles when i get up from sitting or sleeping

HI, I have sore feet in the morning and throughout the day after sitting for a half hour or so.
I have read other Q&A's and the anwsers don't fit.
I'm hoping to get some direction for what to ask my doctor to look for.
-my feet feel as though they are swollenSwollen glandsbut they are not and only after sleeping or sitting
-they are so sore on the bottoms and upward through the middle of my feet that it is very difficult to walk
-the pain is throughout both footAthlete's foot
Athlete's foot, tinea pedis
Clubfoot deformity
Clubfoot repair
Clubfoot repair - series
Diabetes foot care
Diabetic blood circulation in foot
Erythema toxicum on the foot
Foot, leg, and ankle swelling
Hand or foot spasms
Hand, foot, and mouth disease - mouth, definately no specific areas like a tendonTendon repair, ligamentAnterior cruciate ligament (acl) injury
Tendon vs. ligamentor muscle
-the pain last for only a minute or two at most and begins to go away as soon as I stand and/or begin to walk and is gone within a minute or so as if it was never there
-it does not came back as long as I'm up and walking
-it started about six months ago and seems to be getting worse although I don't think it's possible for them to hurt any more than they do at this point and the timing of one to two minutes after getting up hasn't changed or lengthened.
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Pain or soreness in the foot, that eases with time during the day, is generally indicative of plantar fasciitis. The first step you take generally after sitting or standing for a long time or when you get up from the bed is painful. As you start walking the pain clears up. Plantar fascia is a ligament that connects your heel bone to your toes. If it swells, becomes weak or inflamed, it causes these symptoms. After some time, you may feel pain always. The other possibility is osteoarthritis. This also causes pain worse after inactivity—the first few steps always painful.  Please consult an orthopedic specialist regarding this.
Other causes of foot pain can be rheumatoid arthritis, faulty arch, ligament tears, fractures, and gout.
If possible consult a sports injury center. This is equipped with treatment options for plantar fasciitis. You can try acupressure and wear soft padded footwear preferably slip-ons and not shoes. You can also try foot wear with soles designed according to pressure points. Also when you are standing keep changing the position, lift your foot off the ground for sometime and let your foot bear the body weight alternatively. If possible keep a small stool nearby on which you can rest your foot from time to time.
There are various other things you can try such as especially designed insoles, night splints and wraps. Besides this there are various massage therapies, stretch exercises, and pressure point stimulation by trained specialists. Take care!
Thank you for your answers. I have been considering going to the doctor just wasn't sure if I should go to family dr, ortho, foot specialist. I will call ortho as u suggested. Thanks again
I would go to a foot specialist! I went to a regular doctor and he just gave me meds but when I went to someone who actually knew foot and ankle pain in Crystal Lake he was able to show me exercises and what to do to help relive pain and stress.
I have the same thing for ten years- pain and foot stiffnes in the morning for ten years- better after walking for ten minutes till 2 weeks ago- all of a sudden the pain was severe and constant with a throbbing- no over the counter meds worked so I made an appointment for a podiatrist- he gave me a prescription for naproxen (whitch didn't work and made my stomache on fire for hours) he diagnosed me with mortons toe- if your big toe is shorter than your second toe you have mortons toe- it can cause horrendous foot pain, leg pain, back pain and even headaches- all Of which i have suffered with for 10 years!!! I'm going insane i cannot tolerate this level of constant pain. I'm now bedridden as it hurts more to walk or even stand. the dr is useless i called him a week later & told him the meds weren't working and could he call me in something that would and he said to just continue taking the naproxen which wasn't working and was tearing up my stomach! I will be looking for someone to amputate my feet- I cannot stand this pain and if a Dr is going to let me suffer this much then I just want them removed. he should lose his drs liscense
All pain relievers tear up my stomach also, so my Dr. prescribed Prilosec to take in morning 1/2 hour before I eat breakfast and take the naproxen, I take the lowest dose they have 250mg in morning and evening. maybe this would work for you as well. Best of luck
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