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ca 19-9 results
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ca 19-9 results

I was told by by my doctors that I had a 2cm mass in the middle part of my pancreas. They did and EUC and took 8 biopsies of the tumor, plus three vials of blood for the three types of cancer screening. My results came back that all tumor biopsies were benign, however, my CA 19-9 test came back with a reading of 227!! I am shocked and anxious of this result. My bile duct is blocked and I have read that would cause an elevated level on the ca 19-9, but that once the bile duct has been repaired, the level will drop back down to normal. Is this true? I have an appointment with my surgeon Monday, what news can I expect?
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What to do and where to go with 1.5 cm leasion on head of pancreas ?Right now  i have to wait to see GI  first time  for 4 months, since I have  Medi-Cal insurance (.
Is any one want look at it in research purpose?  

I went to pancreas cancer simposium in San Francisco, it is was just handfull number of survavors ( .
I'm extremely worried because of my symptoms and looking for an answer on the web doesn't help at all. I now start thinking I may have pancreatic cancer.

Here is the list of my symptoms:
_floatind stool
- Abdominal pain:
- Back pain
- Loss of appetite
- Gastric reflux
- Nausea

Thank you
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