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panic attacks at night?
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For those people who suffer from panic attacks even with meds, types of treatment,SAD effects and methods of dealing with them.

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panic attacks at night?

Anyone ever get woken up from a deep deep sleep with a sudden and SEVERE panic attack?  Scary stuff.
.50 mg xanax to calm down and hopefully get back to sleep,  but then after these (isolated) late at night attacks, the ensuing depression arrives hard, as well as the fear of another nighttime/wake up attack.
Off and on for over ten years.  Dr. just up'd zoloft from 100 to 150.
Good days, bad days but the level of steady anxiety, although somewhat capped, is still there.
Any thoughts or kind words?
Male 51.
Lots of excersize, eat well, busy and focused, cant seem to find long term relief.
Glad to have found this group. Single parent, very busy life.  No one to really talk to......
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i know exactly how u feel. im 32 years old, female and i have 3 beautiful children. i have suffered panic/anxiety disorder since i was 16. i have been on zoloft most of this time. i can usually deal with day to day life but at times of severe stress i seem to have bad attacks and have just had my dosage increased from 100mg to 2oomg a day. this time round i havnt let it go into full blown panic, but i spend 24hrs a day constantly anxious, im so anxious that i cant sleep, have lost my appetite and dont want to do anything or go anywhere,sometimes when i do doze off im wake suddenly with a deep breath like iv been scared or something which then sends me into a panic attack. i hate them, just know that your not alone talk soon...
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