8 year old boy sleeping in bed with mom
by roxy5180, Dec 15, 2008
Is it okay for an 8 year old boy to still be sleeping in bed with his mom?  My boyfriend's son is still sleeping in bed with his mom.  His mom doesn't seem to think there is anything wrong with it.  My boyfriends son ask him if i could sleep in bed with my son and if he and his dad could sleep in the same bed.  Is it against the law?  It almost seems like a form of abuse to me.  I bet money if it was a little girl sleeping in bed with her dad someone would call someone!  
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by margypops, Dec 15, 2008
It isnt wrong for a Mom and her son to sleep in the same bed, in Europe it is very common, and in some countries families have a large bed and they all sleep in it together. You are interpreting  that there is something sexual , perhaps in this world those things do happen but most times when parents share their bed with their children it has nothing to do with sex but more to do with Love and comfort and maybe convenience .Probably most children out grow this anyway and once puberty is reached  or earlier they naturally want their own room and privacy.
by mtgoat911, Dec 21, 2008
my children are 9 and 7
when my husband is away on bussiness, both my kids sleep with me
why are you so worried about the way your boyfriends x parents?
its really none of your concern
unless you are afraid he is in danger
how in the heck can someone consider what you have explained as abuse
let me hare not a parent!
by fawngonzalez, Dec 23, 2008
Hi Hun,

My 7 year-old son still sleeps with my husband and I, he does so because he is scared to sleep alone. I'm sure your bf's ex lets her son sleep with him out of comfort for him because he probably doesn't want to sleep alone, from what you explained he wants to sleep with his father as well. I think you might be misconstruing the situation as something inappropriate when it probably is completely innocent.
by babygirl6152, Dec 24, 2008
It's not illegal. Most of us when single parents have done it for awhile.
by pink7surf23, Feb 21, 2009
I don't believe it is abusive, but I don't think it's right. I don't think I child should be sleeping with their parents until they are 8 years old, it's ridiculous.  I see nothing wrong with an occasional stay in the parents bedroom, but every night is excessive.  I have 2 daughter my  1 year old who sleeps in her own room and my 6 year old step daughter, I love both very much. My 6 year old asks to sleep with us whenever she comes to stay with us. We sit her down and assure her that she is safe in her room and we are right next door just in case and explain that she is a big girl and needs to learn to sleep in her own bed.  When it's bedtime we take her to bed, tuck her in, tell her we love her, and seal it with a kiss.  She is fine all weekend and sleeps wonderfully in her own room and bed.

The problem is that her mother allows her to sleep every night in bed with her along with her 2 year old brother. She has her own room and her own bed, but she still sleeps with her mom. Her step father even gets booted to the floor so the 2 kids can sleep with mom.  She has now developed detachment anxiety, doing this is mentally damaging to a child. Every time she leaves her mother she cries and gets scared.  After a lot of work with her, she now still cries, but not even 5 minutes later after leaving her mother she now plays and has a grand time never even mentioning her mother all weekend.  

Whether anyone on here wants to admit it or not, it is damaging to a child.
by margypops, Feb 21, 2009
I agree it may be preferable but it certainly is not abuse as roxy suggested, it is choices and what parents are comfortable doing ,a lot of the World dont have seperate rooms and have to share,it works for some families.
by StepDad, Feb 26, 2009
My wife lay's down with my stepson who is 12. Every night that he is here with us. til he falls asleep. they call it snuggling time.
I personally think its weird. but, the majority of people say its fine.
by margypops, Feb 28, 2009
I do agree on a point you made that the step Dad gets booted out onto the floor(your terms) not a good idea and also if the chilldren are showing anxiety it needs to be addressed, this is differant from the post Roxy posted, So it sounds as if you got a handle on it and the child is doing well.  Roxy was inferring it was abusive, however I do think that when a child is older he or she is better off in their own bed in their own room,giving them some independance and also improving the parents privacy and sleeping.
by my2sons37, Feb 28, 2009
I have 2 boys ages 7 and 9. On the weekends (when they don't have friends over) they take turns sleeping w/me and I love it. We are so busy all of the time that those precious moments between going to bed and sleep are filled with wonderful conversation.My husband doesn't get it but to me I cherish that 1 on 1 time with all my heart. Don't judge the mother too harshly.