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boys experimenting with boys
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boys experimenting with boys

I am worried about my son. Him and another boy were experimenting with each others private parts. my son is 10 and the other boy is 8. They both have had difficult lives handed to them. they said they put each others private parts in each others butts....what the hec do I do? the age diffence really bothers me. But the 8 year old is well developed compared to the 10 year old, who is slower developed. I don't know what to do...please help.
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Make sure they arent alone together  ,speak to your son and also the parents of the other child, was the older child the instigator there is usually one,who starts the behavior, keep them apart and get his Dad or you to talk to him about the inappropiateness of their actions.
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It's actually normal for boys to experiment with each other.
To learn how their bodies work is a sharing & learning experience.
Guys don't talk about these things, but it is becoming more accepted.
A guy wants to know more about his body & it's functions before his first experience with the opposite sex.
He wants to be educated & skilled, a master of his own body...
Most young boys grow out of this, some don't.
Some boys are attractive and others are attracted.
Being Gay isn't a learned behaiviour, but it is reinforced by one's actions.
Hence, the Church's stance on Celibacy or Abstinence.
But you don't want your MALE child to be the "40 year old Virgin" either...
Most boys who experiment with same sex, deny it, distance themselves from it, and grow up to be Heterosexual parents.
Yes, there are different social "rules" for male & female- in case you forgot.
Just because your young man is experimenting, does not make him Gay.
It's a difficult subject to discuss with your children.
That's why Christians treat Homosexuality the way they do.
They really don't want to talk about it either...
Call it Blasphemy- end of discussion...
Your child will be what he or she is- based on their Soul, social experience and interaction, loving parents, peer pressure, friendships, fights, pets, education, sports, social skills, acceptance of a "higher power", and sexual experience- to name just a few...
Just be supportive no matter what, help them focus and re-direct their efforts.
HELP them to UNDERSTAND, but don't force it either...
No one said it was easy being a Parent, this is WHY...
The Birds & the Bees, the Bees & the Bees, and the Birds & the Birds...
Life just isn't that simple, and children want answers at an earlier age nowdays.
Google is but a few finger strokes away...
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