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My 3 Year old is Endlessly Thirsty!
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My 3 Year old is Endlessly Thirsty!

My 3 year old daughter is Endlessly thirsty. Over the last  month Ive noticed her drinking is unquenchable. shes always been a "drinker" Where she seems to be thirsty all the time and she only really wants to drink (since shes been drinking from cups, for about 8 months) Recently she will ask me over and over for drinks and no matter how many i give her she wants another one. and when i finaly tell her no more, she will cry and cry! it wont stop, until she gets more to drink. She is not having a sweet tooth, asking for juice or anything like that, she wants water too! A couple times now I have caught her now in the bathroom climbed up on the sink and drinking tap water strait out from the faucet! It worries me, why is she still so thirsty that she has to suck water from a sink. She is still eating, she is just unquenchably thirsty. Does any one know if this is normal? Or what Could be going on with her? Thankyou!
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3babys,  never limit the amount of water your child can drink - it can be extremely dangerous.

She sounds like she may have diabetes.  Unchecked diabetes leads to dehydration - they drink so much because they pee so much,  and if you limit her drinking she will be depleting her body fluids in her organs.

Please get her to a doctor ASAP and don't limit her fluids until she's been seen.   I have heard of desperate children drinking out of toilets and fish tanks when they were denied the fluids they need.
Unquenchable thirst is, as RockRose said, a red flag for diabetes.  Even if she doesn't have any other symptoms that you can notice, I'd recommend bringing this issue to her doctor's attention and getting her checked out.

Best of luck!! :)
Thankyou for your respnces! Wow, yes i didnt think about it because that was the only symptom I could think of. But when I Googled it, it is the most prominent sign! and i see that she cant control this thirstiness. she has an appt at the Ped's office next week. Thanks!
My daughter had very similar symptoms.

She started out being very thirsty ALL the time.  Then she would be sick.

She would seem to get better for a few months then relapse.

After browsing the web for a long time after she became sick again, I noticed a trend regarding Type 1 Diabetes and increased thirst.

I took her to her pediatrician and inquired as to he thought Type 1 could be a possibility and he dismissed my concerns and said she looked like she nay be getting a throat infection (she'd been vomiting!).

One week later she started vomiting and could not stop.  I took her to the ER where they found her blood sugar to be 964 (normal is 80-120 and coma is possible over 600)!  Type 1 was confirmed immediately.

PLEASE if your child is displaying these symptoms INSIST your doctor does a glucose test.  You can also buy a Relion glucose meter and test strips for $25 at Walmart.   No prescription is necessary!

You need only the meter,  strips,  alcohol wipes, and a little finger lancet to draw a small drop of blood.  Remember that 80-120 is a normal sugar (very slightly higher after a meal is normal), anything over 200... go to the doctor!  I wish every day I had known how easily I could have just checked her myself and helped her sooner.

SymptomsBy Mayo Clinic Staff

Type 1 diabetes signs and symptoms can come on quickly and may include:

Increased thirstFrequent urinationBedwetting in children who previously didn't wet the bed during the nightExtreme hungerUnintended weight lossIrritability and other mood changesFatigue and weaknessBlurred visionIn females, a vaginal yeast infection

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