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Why is my child throwing up only at night?!? i dont get it! and its bee...
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Why is my child throwing up only at night?!? i dont get it! and its been 11 days!

My 3 year old has been throwing up everything night for the last 11 days! Whats wried is that she is not running a fever she eats and drinks and plays during the day with her 1 year old sister and goes to bed just fine but when 2 or 3 o' clock in the morning comes around she throws up and i dont know if she wakes up and throws up or if she is throwing up in her sleep and waking up to it but she will get up and come to my room and just look at me she wont even say a word to me and just cries! This is breaking my heart just talking about it! But this is what has been worried....At first she would throw up I would clean her up and change her bedding and she would go right back to sleep well the last couple nights she throws up 3 or 4 times and stays up for a little while then goes back to bed and in the morning she is just fine Ive taken her to the doctor twice and they told me to give her zrytec(sp?)but that just made it worse and she threw up a lot more the night i gave her the meds.Now they have her on phenagren for the nausea so tonight will be the first night we see how she does with this med. I am just so worried that there is something else wrong with her because me and her dad got sick too but we were only sick for one day and we didnt throw up like she does we just had the poops and we were fine the next day and her sister only had it for 2 days and now she is fine but my 3 year old is NOT!!! and I am so scared that there is something wrong with her insides or if its mental or something else I just cant put my fingure on it and its driving me crazy cuz I am so helpless and i cant do anything for her but be there for her when she wakes up....I just need someone to tell me what to do I also have her on the B.R.A.T diet but that doesnt seem to be helping and I thought that maybe she was eating too much b4 she went to bed so i cut back on how much she eat b4 she went to bed but nothing seemed to help. I just hope she gets over this she is so tired when she gets up that she doesnt even care if she throws up on herself she just throws up and i am so worried that one of these times shes just gonna be so tired shes not gonna wake up and shes gonna choke on her own vomit and if im in the next room Im not gonna even notice and that scares me to death so please anyone with any info please I ask to help me and my daughter she doesnt deserve to go through this every night shes only 3 she needs to be a happy 3 year old not a sick one!!! So please I ask anyone anywhere to please help me.....Thanks.....Jillian.......Colorado
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It sounds like it could be a reflex issue, I've dealt with reflex many times and in the past have had to sleep sitting up for weeks at a time if it got really bad.  I know it's been a few days since you posted, hopefully she's doing better.  

I did have some suggestions to try as well.  Don't feed her food 3 hours before bed if you can help it, just liquids.  I know you said that you are limiting this, are you giving any food?  If so what types?   Also try looking at her diet, some foods could be causing it to be worse, for me anything too acidic or too much grease.  I'm not sure what the BRAT diet is.  Also try to see if you can get her to be elevated at night a little, use a pillow or two to prop her up some (at 3 she may not stay that way though).

Some people who have reflex have a hard time when they lay down because I guess there's some valve or something in the back of there thought that keeps the acid in your stomach, some people's doesn't work right.  My dentist said he had a patent that was so bad he couldn't lay down.

For me, what worked the best was first to get it under control with medication, then to adjust my diet and when I ate.  Just making those changes may not help right away, it may take some time.
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