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help get my son to sleep in his bed all night everynight
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help get my son to sleep in his bed all night everynight

How can i get my son to sleep in in his bed everynight and not just some nights. He is a year and my second son is due next month and I'm trying to make its somewhat of a good switch if possible. He does good mostly until early morning around 2  or around 5 he gets up is there something im missing?
Welcome to the world of toddlers.
I think most of us here have the same issue.
My third oldest son slept in my bed until he was 5. I would put him in his own bed, and in the morning he would be laying between us.
He would still sneak into our room until the age of 11...but would bring a blanket and pillow and sleep on the floor next to me.
My fourth is now 3 1/2. He will sleep in his own bed, but only if one of us lays there with him until he is asleep. However...he still wakes up in the middle of the night and won't go back to sleep until one of us goes back in there and waits for him to fall asleep again.

The biggest problem we, as parents make, is to let our babies sleep with us in the first place. They are so cute and tiny, and we are terrified that they may stop breathing if they are left to sleep alone...even those monitors don't seem to give us the piece of mind that we we bring them into our rooms and our beds...and then we can't get them out.
We tend to bring newborns to bed with us because we know we're going to have to get up a dozen times a night for feedings and diaper changes, and we find it's easier to just be able to reach over and do it in the dark, rather than traverse around the dark house...getting our feet cold...and then trying to fall back to sleep once we've been awake for half hour or more. lol

Then our pediatricians tell us to just put them in their own room, close the door, and let them scream...but we can't do that, can we?

We are to blame...not them. But they get "punished " for it. Poor babes.
If only we could turn back the clock and do things buying a proper crib, and having them sleep in that. lol
We as parents never seem to learn. lol
Anyway...just keep trying. Stay in his room until he's asleep. If there is room on his bed for you, try laying there until he's asleep and then exchange you for a pillow or teddy bear.
Sorry...can't think of anything else.
And perhaps when the baby is born, they can share a room for awhile?
Save you from having to do this again? lol
If I could go back in time...ugh. lol
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