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13 day old son cries a lot
I need some help and some advice. For the last 4 days now (not nights) my son cries and cries, eats every 30-45 mins for only 5 mins sometimes, burps, gets a diaper change, cries and cries, eats... etc. He won't sleep during the daytime and he is soooo tired, constantly yawning napping for 5-15 mins waking up and crying... I am breastfeeding and am constantly feeding him. I did give him a pacifier on saturday and it helps but we have to constantly put it back in his mouth. If he goes to sleep when nursing I can't put him down or he wakes up. As I am typing this he is sleeping in my arms after napping in his crib for barely 5 mins. It seems like I have to hold him to calm him. Now what's weird is he will sleep all night long. I set my alarm to wake him up to nurse. Last night the alarm didn't wake me up and he slept for 6 hours straight. And yesterday day he slept for almost 4 hours straight but he's back at not sleeping today. I don't want to swaddle him during the day because it is so hot.

The problem is I don't want to hold him all day long... I want him to sleep so I can do housework or just surf the web for a bit. I don't remember my daughter ever being this needy or high maintenance.

The breastfeeding isn't going perfectly, we haven't gotten the latch down over the last 12 days... He doesn't have my nipples bleeding anymore though. I am thinking of giving him a bottle so I can get some help but I really want to breastfeed, My daughter never latched and this is something I want. I don't feel comfortable nursing in public mostly because my boobs have to be flopped out for a min to get him latched. I don't think I can handle it much more!
Somebody please help me :(
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