Activity mat: they use them until how old?
by Ecologic, Oct 09, 2010
Hubby wants to buy an other activity mat for downstairs so he does not always have to carry the one we already have.

Question: when do babies stop using activity mats?

Benoit is already 5 months old (well he will be on Monday) so I am not sure it's a good idea to invest in an other activity mat if he is only going to use it for a couple of months.
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by HeatherLF16, Oct 10, 2010
I am sure every baby is different, and my little guy (my only) is only 11 weeks old but cannot get enough of his mat =)  He spends hours on it every day kicking his feet to the music and swinging at the toys.  My niece is 10 months old and still uses hers as well.  I actually planned on buying an exersaucer in a month or two once Franky is a little older to see how he likes that.  Thought it might be good to help him learn to stand while he has his fun too.  
by Shayne1989, Oct 11, 2010
if you were to get another one i would suggest finding one that can be used when he starts crawling as well, they make ones that is like a longer rectangle mat with the things hanging over that when he starts crawling and stuff he can crawl under and sit up and play with, that way you get more use out of them. Personally my little brothers that i helped raise loved theres until they were about 10-12 months.
by adgal, Oct 11, 2010
Ryder loved his as well and it was a wonderful toy for him until about 6 months. As soon as he started crawling he kind of lost interest.  Every baby is different though.  He had the type that Shayne described.  It was wonderful up until that point though.
by Ecologic, Oct 13, 2010
Thanks ladies. We went ahead and bought an other activity mat. He is 5 months old and does roll yet so I don't think he is going to crawl anytime soon so hopefully he'll be able to use his new mat for a while!