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Bottle feeding Suggestions...please
Why does it take one of my twins longer to take a bottle?  Does anyone have any ideas
I have tried every kind of nipple AND bottle system for my slower twin. My girlfreind came over to look at him feeding bc her son was tongue tied so we thought mybe my other baby as too. BUT he did not really  seem tongue tied...he definitely has a different tongue then his brother and it looks like he ***** with his mouth & cheek muscles instead of pushing on the nipple with his tongue which is what his expert-eater brother does. Bc of how he uses his mouth he gets more air and needs to be burped more, & he lets out 3 BIG burps before  he can proceed. my gf said in her opinion my burpy baby is normal & my other baby is a SUPER-eater.
I have switched from Dr. Brown bottles and have now ended up with Playtex drop-Ins ...both babies eat better with the Playtex then they have with all the other bottles & nipples, Less gas for both of them.  
Has anyone had bottle feeding problems to overcome? How did you overcome them
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I don't really have any suggestions (sorry!) other than trying all different types of bottles and nipples - even trying slow vs. fast and vice versa nipples, because some babies prefer a slower drip and to really "work" for their food, while others don't want to have to suck that hard.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news....but some babies will continue to reject bottles no matter what!  My now 10 month old was taking a daily bottle from Daddy (I breastfed the rest of the time) up until he was 9 weeks old....at which time he just started refusing them.  We were using Avent bottles, tried Playtex (I used the Drop Ins with my older son and LOVED them!) then Born Free....even those NUK sippy cups with the spouts that look like nipples.  He didn't want ANY of those!  Finally, we started using a sippy cup (Playtex one with two handles) and he gradually got used to it - now he drinks water or formula from it like a champ :)  

Some babies go right to a cup.  In a discussion on another board (Pregnancy 18-34), a poster mentioned that it's actually pretty common in other countries (esp. the non Western world) for babies to not use bottles.  Someone else also mentioned that it's not "recommended" for babies to drink anything other than water, juice or cow's milk out of a sippy cup - news to me!! - but when your child is taking his/her nutrition any other way, then you do what you need to do.  

Good luck :))
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