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Getting my 6 month old to nap during the day
Hi Everyone,
It's been a while since I have been on hope everyone is doing great.  I need some advice and tips with getting my baby to nap.
Let me start off by saying I have a wonderful baby.  He started sleeping through the night at 2 months old in his own bed in his room.  He goes down at night at about 730pm and usually is up for the day at about 6am give or take a half hour.  
I know he needs more sleep.  He will get fussy throughout the day from being tired and will fall asleep on me.  I will try to move him to his crib, but he screams.  I don't believe in letting him cry there an hour to sleep 30 minutes or whatever so I just let him rest on me (I don't like him crying at all and won't let it happen for more than a few minutes).  Right now he has a cold and I know he goes through growth spurts and times where he needs more rest.  I can't just have him sleeping on me all day...lol.  How do I get him to go down for a nap without screaming?  I know he would benefit from a nap in the AM and one in the afternoon.  
Any help would be much appreciated =)
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My littel guy is 7 months and just now has started taking an OK nap in the day. MOstly he sleeps on me, in a seat at my feet or on the couch next to me for like 10-15 min. he jsut started sleeping for longer but never in his bed in the day. He loves his bed at night though, that is when he is sleeping:) He is on a strike now as he wakes to eat and stays up for and hour to three!

ANy way I suggest that you start by having him sleep on the floor on a blanket with you there, see what he think of that, in a seat by you, or on the couch by you. The problem with that is you can't leave em, my problem as well;) but it is good for him to not always be on me. I do not let him cry either! WHen he wakes up he never does cry as he knows I will come get him when I hear him moving around. SOmetimes he will yell HEY, he learned that about a month ago. He used to say mom now HEY:) Today he said UP for the first time. He has been saying that when he is done pottying and to wake up his daddy.
OK so you can also try a playpen down near you where you he can still hear what is going on around him and th enoise soes not change. OH yeah duh, I use a sling too. It leaves my hands free and he just sleeps away. It is wonderful and has never affected my childrens sleeping in thier beds at night. I have used it almost full time wih two children and part time with my other two.

Hope this helps and I wish I had a majic answer but there is none! I have been looking for months!

Oh and not all babies will nap. My niece never did sleep in the day from like 4 months old on! Crazy but she was never effectedby it, well seemed to not be but slept like 12 hurs at night. The dr said it was ok, She did nap through bottles though but woke up when they were done.
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