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My DS won't pick up his food.. how to teach him
My DS is great eater. he eats solids very well. We have just started introducing finger foods. Although he will stick all non-food items in his mouth, he does not attempt to put the finger foods in his mouth. he just pushes them off his tray. If I pick up a piece of food, he will follow my fingers with his mouth. How do I teach him to put the food in his mouth? I have tried holding his hand and showing him,but he fights me holding his hand when he is holding something else. Or, is this a phase and eventually he will just do it?

Thanks so much for any advice!
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Going through the exact same scenario here, and our little guys are what... 3 days apart I think?

Here is what has worked so far.  Have you tried those Baby Mum Mum crackers?  They are a healthy snack and they disolve.  Ryder really loves the banana flavored ones.  I have been giving him those.  Now if I put it in front of him, he will pick it up and eat it.  But I think it's because he recognizes it and loves them so much (it took me first holding them, then putting them in his hand to get this far).  

I am now doing the same thing with pasta ribbons. I give him a few every single day. I sit with him and have been feeding them to him off of his tray.  I also eat a few myself while sitting with him and he watches so intently.  Now I am putting them in his hand and he is starting to eat them that way.  I think it takes a lot of repetition with each food at the beginning..at least it seems to be working here.  

I will be watching this post for other opinions though..again, having very much the same challenge.

Good luck!!  
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