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RECALL of Similac powders !!!
Similac has just recalled a bunch of their powder formulas for infants. It seems that they added a few beetles to their powders... You can check if your can lot #s have been recalled here: http://abbott.vo.llnwd.net/o18/similac/recall/default.htm?utm_source=ppc

I mostly breastfeed my 4 month old son but we also supplement with formula, Similac. I checked my cans (2 open, 2 unopen), and out of 3 lot #s, all have been recalled! Unless they were grinding beetles like crazy, I don't think there was much problem with my cans and I think the company is just being safe by recalling a lot of lots but still I am not happy about that. We had just switched him to a liquid formula, none of the liquid formula is part of the recall.
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