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Newbie - PD Concerns
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Newbie - PD Concerns

Hello: I am 38 and concerned the symptoms I am experiencing might be the early onset of PD.  
In 2004 I purchased a hair stimulator device.  The device works by delivering electrical pulses to the scalp as you use it like a brush.  I used it for about 2 months and stopped using it because I noticed I was losing my ability to focus and I had muscle stiffness (primarily in my calves and forearms).
In 2005 I became extremely fatigued, depressed, I would have excessive saliva and would excessively sweat from my hands and feet. The symptoms continued through 2006 and 2007.  I also began to lightly shake when I would be stressed or anxious.  In Feb 2008 I was diagnosed with a Pituitary Tumor.  That same month I had (endonasal endoscopic) surgery to remove the tumor.    
I experience all of the previous symptoms but now they are more noticeable and more frequent. I am experiencing more noticeable and more frequent shaking.  At times I am unable to think clearly (as if I have cloudy mind).  My calves and forearms are often times quite stiff (especially the day after having a protien shake).  I also occasionally experience muscle twitches usually on the eyelid, lips or eyebrow but sometimes in other places.  
Note: All of the symptoms I experience come and go.  I can go days without any symptoms, then I may have a bad day or two.  All of the symptoms occur on both sides of my body.
1. That I am experiencing the early stage of PD
2. That my use of this hair stimulator caused or contributed to my condition.

I have an appointment Nov 26 for another MRI and to see my neurologist.  I will definitely inform him of my concerns but I am hoping to receive more advice as I am extremely depressed and unable to stop thinking about the things I am experiencing.
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Your neurologist is really the right person to talk to about all of your symptoms.  I would assume too that your hormone levels are being monitored after the removal of your pituitary tumor, are your most recent results normal?
I have never (in my experience of the last 7 years) known (or heard) of a patient who developed parkinsons' disease as a result of a hair stimulator device.
I would suggest stopping the protein shakes though, if your stiffness is worse after having them, unless there is a medical reason for having them.
Are you currently on any medical treatment for your depression? If so be aware that some medications eg some antidepressants, antianxiety and antipsychotic medications can lead to parkinsons' type symptoms as side effects.
I'm sorry I don't have any more advice for you, except perhaps to try to stop worrying and fixating on your symptoms until you have your MRI, as worrying will not change the outcome.

Thank you for your advice.
QUOTE: "stop worrying and fixating on your symptoms"
You are absolutely correct.  
I will voce my concerns when I see my neurologist later this month.
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