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parkinson's spasms
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parkinson's spasms

i am a carer for a man with parkinsons disease.
he does suffer from severe shakyness.

mostly in the early hours of the morning while he is in bed, he suffers from terrible spasms all over his body. every muscle tenses up and causes him great pain. he has these 1 to 3 times all within a few minutes or hours of each other, and can last from ten minutes, to up to 3 hours.
during these spasms, his arms slowly move about, sometimes rising above his head or out to the sides. his legs also move, but slower movements and from side to side. his neck also stiffens up, as well as his jaw and cheeks.
i have come up with a method of relieving some of them, but never getting rid of them completely.
i use a cold damp cloth and rub/massage his shoulders or the sides of his back, or wherever he says has the greatest pain, but as i said, this is all over his body.
he sleeps in an almost sitting position and slides down the bed through the night.
sometimes i pull him further up the bed to relieve pressure on his neck, which does calm it down but not entirely.

he is on alot of medication, and nobody is sure if any one type of medication is causing it, or just a general symtom of the parkinsons he has. some carers think it could be tiredness causing it, or some have even suggested it could be due to him being cold (but he does just sleep with a thin sheet with no heater on in the house, but he says he cannot sleep with too many sheets as it weighs his legs and body down).

doctors don't even know what is going on, so there is actually nothing they can do to help.

i am hoping for some advice on this, or maybe even help to stop these spasms completely.
i would be greatfull for any help
thank you
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