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please help!
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This patient support community is for discussions relating to Parkinson’s disease, anger, anxiety, depression, balance, facial stiffness, genetics, handwriting difficulties, speech movement difficulties, nutrition and diet, rigidity (stiffness), sexuality, swallowing difficulties, tremors (shaking), walk (shuffling), and work issues.

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please help!

Dear all,

I would truly appreciate if I could find someone to give yo ur opinion on my condition.

The thing is that a month ago, I woke up in the morning with a stiff right side knee which started to crack immediately as I walked, a few days went by and soon enough my left knee also started cracking, a few days went by again and one day I woke up with all of my joints craking, everytime I moved my joints seemed to crack for no reason whatsoever :(

The only thing I could relate it to was to when I had to move house all of the sudden and packed very quickly a little stressed out and had to carry my bags to the taxi then to my new appartement. Then on the same week I had the joint cracking onset, i thought I should let a few days go by and go and see the Doc in case it wouldn't stop.
So I went to the Doc, thinking that I had some kind of serious disease or virus, so she took a blood sample and did an exam, the exam showed all diseases she tested for, CANCER, HIV and others, NEGATIVE. I went back to see her, because I know it has to be something, so another Doc gave me my blood test results and she said nothing abnormal was showin,  I asked her to give me a letter to see the Osteopath, so she did it then I asked her for a letter to the reumatologist she did it, she gave me some food supplement to aid my joints cracking, which she could clearly hear, everyone also did at the office, so it wasn't my imagination.  

I started taking COQ10 because I was getting worried that could be the first signs of Parkinson, which is a disease that unfortunately runs in my mother's family and she has it herself and she said had a similar onset which made me even more worried 8-((
a few days after taking the COQ10 I begun to have body spams, like my head started twitching to one side and would exagerate when I tried to move it, then my fingers begun to move involuntarily a lot, like playing the piano,they nerves of my hand even hurt the next day, then one night I could not conceive sleep and my leg kicked then my head, I was feeling my skin trembling in some parts like jelly like having ants undearneath, it was like being possesed by some sort of weird spirit, then I was sweating all night and very very scared, I think that is possible that I couldn't sleep because I was so scared over this.

I had a silent panick attack at the office the next day, the room went dark and i lost sense of where i was i felt so deeply affraid and thinking i was gonna die right there. I went to the doctors straight away, the guy examined me and said there was nothing wrong with me he told me to stop taking the vitamins and go to the reumatologist.

I asked him if it could be parkinson and he said NO it doesn't show like that. The first day without the vitamins was similar to when I was on, second day I got a decent night of sleep at least, I spoke to my mums (as often) she said don't worry I don't think you have Parkinson's yet, a few minutes after I was having body spams again but very very violent like epilepsy. I remain calmed and fell asleep.

I made an appt with the neurologist and they said they were going to do a scan of my brain to see what's going on in there and I can't wait! although is gonna cost me a fortune I just wanna know what da hell is happening in my body.  I am a 31 years old happy female and have enjoyed of good health for most of my life despite of having suffered from bulimia when I was younger (I was obsessed with image which I am clearly not anymore).  I don't go to the doc's regularly unless I really have to, I do have a good diet and look after my body not too much alcohol, regular excersise, try to eat fresh veggies, salad, meat fish, I have a mild intolerance to wheat and get stomach cramps if I eat a full bowl of pasta or white bread so I eat wholemeal isntead. I travelled for work now and then and have changed residence 4 times in my life. I have been in Belgium for 3 months now and I was living in Chile before, where my family lives. Ilived in London for about 13 years and moved back to Chile to Santiago in Chile last year in September and have had a very active few months, a lot of emotional changes going on, my mum being ill, a split up (we used to live together), away from friends, change of job setting, food, people etc. I couldn't say it all. But above all I remain positive and love life, I want to buy a house so then I can live with my mum when she get's older because I am worried that she will not be able to cope with the Parkinson's :(( so I gotta work hard, don't have time for getting ill I am afraid and if I do I don't know what I am going to do!!

Please help me write me a line if you have suffered similar symptoms or you have known of someone with these.

By the way I am still waiting for the results od the reumatologist and the Osteopath didn't say much! and paid him 50 euros for the check up!

You don't know how much I would appreciate it.

Love for all and take care :)

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  Yes what might be occurring is complex but one thing that would be worthwhile to inform them about is that you had bullemia at an earlier age as that depending on the severity of it can sometimes have long term health effects. If you had sudden changes during a panic attack that might be part of an anxiety episode and it would be worthwhile for them to follow up on that as well. Other than that as to what potential neurological condition could be causing what you described it would be worthwhile to follow up with any tests they reccomend as those would help them be able to determine any potential cause. However it would also be crucial to update them on your entire health history as well.
It's always smart to first speak with your physician regarding any physical ailment. Is it possible that the stress both physical and emotional has taken a toll on you. As we get older our bodies experience strain from even the smallest task. I've had myself tested for RA when I couldn't figure out why my joints were killing me for an unusually long period of time. Results were negative. Pain subsided with time. My legs also started to ache and twicht and go numb. The first thought was that I had Parkinsons. I found out it was just a lower back issue that will stay with me forever. What i'm saying is that don't let your anxiety overcome you. I also take care of my father who has Parkinsons and i feel responsible for his wellbeing. That responsibility carrys alot of stress. I find myself at times anxiety ridden, tired, etc. but with all that said maybe it would be a good idea to speak with a professional that you can share your feeling with.
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