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Advice needed for My twins mild Mitral Regurgitation

I have a twin son who have 7 years old. As they playing football 3 days a week, my wife told me to take them for a heart checkup because the coach advice to everyone s child ! they had no symptoms of any disease .

I took them to an expert Dr, after the Doppler echo cardiogram said , both of them have mild Mitral Regurgitation without MVP ! which I was shocked to hear about that!
The Dr said take another echo one year later to see any progress of leakage, but do not concern about it , also he advised us that they should not be too active and do not play heavy sports such as football or anything like that needs to run fast or professional sports! For instance the volleyball and swimming is good .
He said the reason is may be for the soft tissue of the mitral valve and too much activity of your children may cause of that!
I read somewhere its may be congenital . is it true ?
Now we are too worry about them , I don't know if it will progress or not !? they are active children , how can I avoid them to be active!?
So, I was wonder if anybody has any experience for such a problem him/her self or relatives to advice us about any progressing of mitral Regurgitation from mild to severe in children, and also playing any kind of sports without problems.

Sorry, my English is not so good ,
Thank you  
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