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14 year old with T.E. and high FTI
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14 year old with T.E. and high FTI

My son is 14 years old. He has a long history of low appetite, low stamina,
and is small for his age, -although he has grown 10 inches in the last 24 months,
-he is now  5',4" and 90 lbs.
He has been experiencing Telegen Effluvium for over a year now, which seemed
to get worse at the time when puberty would start. His recent labs were all normal,
including iron saturation, B12, Rheumatoid Factor,, Lyme, Lead, Mercury and ANA.
His thyroid results are below.
T3 UPTAKE 34 high?
T4 10.6   high?
FTI 3.6 high?
TSH 1.51 low?
I am curious if these numbers look off to you,
and if it is time to go back to the endochrinologist,
or just continue with supplements and vitamins.
Thank you-
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the tsh appears normal, I would ask to see the normal ranges first, also consider adding thyroid antibodies, I also would consider dermatology consultation if his hair loss is extreme, I usually don't get t3 uptake since the free T4 is more appropriate as well as tsh. Glad to hear that the other factors related to other autoimmune diseases appear negative.His linear growth sounds good, what about celiac antibodies?
Thank you for the quick response! Yes we did go to the dermatologist- minoxodyl
actually seems to help the hair re-grow, and we are going back to maybe try the cort. injections....  I have been doing so much of my own research and I asked for this more complete set of blood work from the pediatrician- I wanted to try to rule out a lot of autoimmune diseases and I know it helps if you can fix the underlying problem that is effecting the hair. He did have the bone growth x-rays 2 years ago.
They told me he could be 6' 1" if he would just eat. So we started extra supplement mikshakes. He grew a lot. I am sure he will sprout soon and be much taller, our family does that- but it is a concern that he has never really had an appetite his whole life.
The TE is a main concern NOW.
I read that Thyroid conditions and poor nutrician are two of the main causes of TE.

Did you mean adding thyroid antibodies TESTS? or is that a treatment.
What do Celiac antibodies test for?
Thanks, Mom
thyroid antibodies is a blood test and celiac antibodies measure for tendency to make antibodies that are consistent with celiac disease(allergy to gluten-in wheat)
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