one testicle significantly larger than the other
by daddymac10, Jun 24, 2008
Hi everyone,

My 13 year old son is finally starting to show the signs of hitting puberty.  The other day he showed me that he has hair growth but what had me worried was that one of his testicles is about 5 times bigger than the other!  Do they grow at different speeds or is it possible there is something wrong with the smaller testicle? or bigger testicle for that matter?  He has no pain or discomfort whatsoever but we just noticed that his one testicle is extremely small while one looks like it is growing normally.

by Deanna L Aftab Guy, MDBlank, Jul 08, 2008
I actually was just called by a pediatrician today about this, each testicle gets its blood supply in a slightly different way as the kidneys, there may be a slight variation in size but a big difference needs to be assessed, start with your pediatrician, it may be that the larger one has a hernia or varicocele or that the smaller one did not develop and has some problem with blood supply or other concern, worth getting it looked at, other sources would be a pediatric urologist
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