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Psot Surgery Risks andPhysical activity resitriction after ASD Surgery....
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Psot Surgery Risks andPhysical activity resitriction after ASD Surgery.

Dear Doctor,

My daughter of 2 years hasbeen identified with 13mm ASD and we had checked him with 3 cardiologist including  one of the best in Asia.  Doctors have suggested to have surgery correction and though we have mentally prepared to go for the surgery it would be really great if you can kindly advise me on the following,

1. Is there any possible risks of complications arising after the surgery -immediately or 1-2months/ years later?
2. Can she be as fit and healthy as other kids to take part in Swimming,Trekking, Karate etc?
3. After the follow up tests with in 3 months, is there any routine checks required through out her life?
4. How long she will have to be in the hospital before going home and when she will be playful after the surgery?

Thankingyou in advance.

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Dear Yaas,

There are no surgeries that are without risks.  The biggest risks associated with closure of an atrial septal defect (ASD) include infection, bleeding. and a VERY low risk of death.  Your surgeon should be able to discuss this with you further, though.  If she tolerates this, the long term follow-up after ASD repair (which should be life-long) includes observation for mostly dysfunction of the sinus node (the natural pacemaker of the heart) as well as for development of any arrhythmias.  Atrial septal defect surgery is otherwise typically well tolerated in experienced centers, with children often going home after surgery as early as after 2-3 days.  After her period of healing and assuming that there are no other complications, she should be able to have as long a life as any other child her age without restrictions to activities.
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