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perimembranous vsd
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perimembranous vsd

Dear Sir,
Thank you sir for last time advise to me,now here i sending u the todays eco report as below,
Paitent Name-Mast.Yash Khatmode ( M ) age-7 years
. S.D.S
.Sits Solitus
.AV and VA Concordance
.Intact IAS
.small perimembranous VSD(3.5mm)with left to right shunt,VSDrestricted bu gradient of 85mm Hg.Tricupsied valve aneurysm tending to restrict the VSD.
.Mild tricupsied regurgitation.
.Aortic valve prolapse,no aortic reggurgitation.
.Mild to moderate Sub-plumonary stenosis ( PG 45mm Hg)
.LA And LV volume overload
.Normal biventricular function
.Left aortic arch
.No coarctation
Dr.Suggested open heart surgery
My question is ,is can it neceasry or wait some more time
If open heart surgery decided then what will be the risk
After surgery my child live normal life
pl.dr suggest me what can i do

Thanking You
Yours truly
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Dear Sanjay,

I cannot interpret an echocardiogram report alone to determine what needs to be done for your son without seeing him or the images involved with the study.  If you would like to obtain a second opinion, you are more than welcome to do so.
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