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False positive mono spot test and elevated lymphocytes in 18 month old
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False positive mono spot test and elevated lymphocytes in 18 month old


I have an 18 month old relative who developed fatigue, an ear infection, and what we thought was athlete's foot about a month ago. She was put on antibiotics for the ear infection and some over the counter cream for the athlete's foot. The ear infection cleared up but a few weeks later her energy levels still hadn't returned to normal and her feet were still peeling. She had also developed some mild petechia.

It was suspected she had mono so a spot test was done and came back positive. She also had blood work done and her lymphocytes came back slightly elevated. Further testing for mono came back negative, revealing that the spot test had yielded a false positive.

Her ANA test and cytomegalovirus test came back negative and her mother is now very concerned that she has some form of cancer, especially in light of the false positive mono spot test.

She does not seem particularly sickly and does not have a fever but she is still sleeping much longer at night than she previously did and is wanting to nap a lot more, she still has mild petechia even though her platelet counts are fine, and her lymphocytes are still a little elevated.

Does any one have any thoughts on the matter? Has anyone ever had a false positive mono spot test?
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It could be that she has infected tonsils ..I looked up online and have copied this out not certain if it helps .False positive causes for Monospot tests include:

    Pre-analytical laboratory problem (the most common cause, usually because of the problems noted above)
    Leukemia/Lymphoma (especially Burkitt’s lymphoma)
    Pancreatic cancer
    Rheumatoid arthritis
    Serum sickness
    Systemic lupus erythematosus
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