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Guidance for MRI Brain scan report
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Guidance for MRI Brain scan report

Pls advise me on the situation of my 7 and half month old daughter who has been advised to have an MRI (Brain) scan and the result is reproduced below for your kind advise

MRI(BRAIN) REPORT OF BIJOYINI GUPTA(Female age 7 and half month)

Clinical History: Developmental Delay.

Imaging Protocol : Multiplanar images of brain were obtained on T1,T2 weighted and FLAIR sequences

Bilateral basal ganglia shows hyper intense lesions on T2 weighted images. The lesions are hypointense on T1 weighted and FLAIR  sequences.
White matter volume is reduced.
Right frontal horn is deformed. Supratentorial ventricular system is dilated. Septum is in midline.
Corpus callosum appears hypoplastic.
The structures of posterior fossa including the IVth ventricle are normal.
The cortical sulci are prominent.
The Brain stem and the Cerebello-pontine angles are unremarkable
Normal flow void is noted in basilar and bilateral internal carotid arteries.
The optic nerve, pituitary fossa and basal cisterns show no gross abnormality
The Bilateral Internal Auditory canals with the VII th and VIII th nerve complexes are unremarkable

MR Scan of Brain shows cystic encephalomalacic lesions in bilateral basal ganglia with white matter hypoplasia.

Pls co relate clinically  


I would appreciate an early response from you as yo can very well understand the apprehensions of us as parents

Kind and warm regards

Debjyoti Gupta
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i realy feel sorry for your daughter .even we have a similar story to tell - ,i have 6 month old son having very frequent seizers since 15 days  i and my wife both are doctors .we have shown to neurologist, his on treatment but, we are not satisfactied. He continues to have similar problem.about 100s and above seizers in a day his MRI shown?CORTICAL DYSPLASIA ,          ?GLIOSOS(a small focal lesion in parietal area) even his EEG was abnormal . we want show him to a good pediatric neurologist. pls help us .we too stay in india, karnataka,we will be Eagarly waiting for your suggestions.
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I'm really sorry for the babies I know how you all feel... I have about the same thing except I'm not a baby... They told me I have a Hypoplastic Cisternal Segment on the right side of my head what ever that means.. All I know that my face keeps twitching and it goes numb and I get real tired afterwards. and also my head hurts like I have been out on a all night drunk... I will keep your babies in our prayers and hope they find something for them...They haven't even lived there lives yet

I wish I could help
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