Pain behind the knee-4 year old
by animalmom, Jan 13, 2008
I have a 4 year old who has been complaining about pain behind his knee.  It was accompanied by a fever.  Today, he has no fever, but will cry when he moves his leg the wrong way.  He is an extremely healthy and active kid, so for him to not want to move around because of pain is a bit odd.  I was told that growing pains happen at this age, but mostly at night.  This has been ongoing for 2 days now from the minute he wakes up until he falls asleep.  Any suggestions?
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by RockRose, Jan 13, 2008
Sounds like possibly toxic synovitis?
by animalmom, Jan 13, 2008
Thanks for your feedback about my sons knee pain.  If it's still painful tomorrow, I think I will take him to the pediatrician and mention toxic synovitis.  I've never heard of it before.  Much appreciate your time!

Thanks, again!
by EllaDMom, May 09, 2008
Did you have any luck with your son's knee pain?  I am going through the same thing with my daughter.  She's complained for a year about leg pain (on and off and only at night) but recently she has become much more specific about it being behind her knee and it is starting to happen any time of the day.  We were chalking it up to "growing pains" but now if seems inconsistent with that diagnosis...

Any help would be appreciated.  Her discomfort/pain breaks my heart!


by lostinbul, Jul 17, 2008
We are also experiencing this same problem with our daughter!  She is almost 3 years old and every few months she will complain of pain behind her knee that is painful enough that she limps or falls.  This started again yesterday and is much worse.  She has been crying quite a bit about it, and when she walks she limps.  We are taking her to her pediatrician today, I just hope they can help us find out whats going on.  It is very hard to watch your child suffer.
by sreed25, Aug 19, 2008
We have the same issue with my 4 and a half year old son. He will wake up crying with intense pain behind his knee, and is very upset, we give him tylenol and hold him until he falls back to sleep. But it also hurts him alot of days and he will let us know his leg hurts, always behind the knee.Anyone here anything other than growing pains?
by whittlemills, Sep 26, 2008
Hi! Did you or anyone else ever find an answer to the behind the knee pain? My son is turning 6 and has complained for a couple of days of behind the knee pain and says he can't walk at times, crying, etc.

Any answeres yet?????
by whittlemills, Sep 26, 2008
Did you get any info about your daughters behind the knee pain?  Experiencing the same thing with my 6 yr old son.......
by guntherbuster, Sep 29, 2008
My 4 1/2 year old son has been complaining about behind the knee pain occasionally for about a year, but last night he woke up crying about the pain.  
I'm very curious if anyone here has a diagnosis.
by Bmo311, Sep 29, 2008
I posted about this earlier in the month.  My 4 yr old daughter has been having the same issues.  I thought it was just growing pains too.  Sometimes it does affect her throughout the day where she will actually limp and refuse to walk on it.  Very unusual for her to not want to walk.  Any new diagnosis, please post?