Cystocele/Rectocele, Paravaginal Repair - vaginal bleeding after 3 1/2 months
by cjmcdonnough, Dec 05, 2011
Aug 29 I had cystocele/rectocele, paravaginal repair.  I thought that I was pretty much healed then started to have a bloody vaginal discharge.  Doctor said that I had "granulation tissue" and he prescribed estrace 3 times per week. At first, I seemed to have a positive response to the estrace treatment.  For some reason I have had difficulty remembering to take it on the exact day I should, but have still been using the medicine.  Now my vagina feels tight when I insert the applicator and I have bleeding the next day.

Also, since the time I had this surgery, I was hospitalized for very low blood potassium & sodium levels for 4 days and I have had carpal tunnel release surgery.  I don't think these have anything to do with the bleeding, but they are a part of my history so I thought I should mention them.
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by sherrieP, Dec 06, 2011
Hormone treatment can be very beneficial to assist healing of tissues after POP surgery. I don't think the bleeding is related to using the applicator, it has to be either hormone fluctuation or a complication from your procedure. How long are you on the hormone treatment? Are you using any other hormone replacement therapy (like for menopause)? Has your physician taken a look inside since you've been using the estrogen? Was this a urogyn who did the procedure or was it a gynecologist?

You're right, the other items have nothing to do with the bleeding,

by cjmcdonnough, Dec 06, 2011
As far as I know, I will just be on the hormone treatment until the one tube is empty.  That is the only hormone therapy I'm on.  I did have a complete hysterectomy probably 20 years ago and took Premarin for several years, but no longer take it.  Yes, he was a urogynecologist.

I probably should give him a call.  I just hate to go in if it's nothing.  It only happens the morning after the application of the medicine.
by sherrieP, Dec 07, 2011
The bleeding is a flag at this point in the heal curve, you really should call him. You may be able to give the specifics to a nurse practitioner over the phone and see if she can answer why this is occurring but if that is not possible you should see the urogyn again. By this stage of healing bleeding should not be occurring.